Butterfly’s Best of 2017

It’s back! My Best of is BACK! The end of 2016 hit me hard so I was unable to gather my thoughts to compile a list of all my loves for the year. Happily, I can do it this year! Unfortunately, I had to leave off categories that I included in the past due to inaccessibility to partake in those in 2017. I managed to replace them with some fun new categories, however!

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Best Movie of 2017: Logan

I am not a Wolverine fan. I am quite the opposite, actually. I despised Wolverine for the longest time because his feud with my most hated comic book character, Cyclops, has been a source of contention in my black nerd girl magical life since I was a child. The trailers for Logan had me intrigued so I went to see the movie…and I was blown away. Logan is not only my best movie of 2017, but has quickly rose to become one of my favorite movies of all time. It almost unseats my current favorite movie, The Dark Knight (but we all know I can not let that happen). This film led me to an appreciation of the comic book genre that we often forget about when we argue which new superhero movie from which big 2 company is “the best”. Comic books are not always about flashy CGI, menacing villains hellbent on destroying the world or…well…super powers. Comic books span genres and, often, they can simply be about the vulnerability of humanity and grief.

Honorable Mention: Get Out, Wonder Woman 

Allowing for two movies to share this spot is something I try not to do, but there were so many amazing films this year that I connected with on a level that exceeded being a film fan. I connected with them on ways that make me who I am. Get Out was a remarkable racism commentary in an era that needs more of that – way more of thatWonder Woman empowered me as a feminist and a woman. Although there have been many criticisms about the movie not showcasing Women of Color enough (I agree), it was still one of the best films of the year. The No Man’s Land sequence is one of the best in film history.

Best Anime of the Year: My Hero Academia 

Who knew that an anime about teens going to school to be heroes would capture my heart? Obsession is not a strong enough word for how I feel about My Hero Academia. It has been a very long time that a series has captivated me (and my friends) to this levels. The show is so much fun with an endearing storyline, lots of character growth, and tense moments. I even started reading the manga alongside watching the anime which is something I have not done since Hitman Reborn! Season 3 comes out in Spring 2018 and I am hype.

Honorable Mention: The Ancient Magus’ Bride 

This anime is beautiful *insert clapping hands emojis*. I originally watched the OVAS without knowing there was going to be a series which led to so much disappointment. When I found out that there was going to be a series, that led to so much excitement! This show is magical, literally, and is stunning. Chise and Elias plus the storyline are so multi-layered. This anime hits me in the feels that my absolutely favorite, Beyond the Boundary, left me in.

Best Video Game of the Year: Super Mario Odyssey 

Speaking of obsessions, I got a Nintendo Switch towards the end of the year because of this game. As a 30-something year old that has been gaming for 25 years, Mario has been one of the few constants throughout that entire time. Super Mario World 3 was the first game I consciously remember playing with my cousins. It was only fitting to include Odyssey for nostalgia reasons, but also because it is a really good game. Nintendo capitalizes on our nostalgia while also being completely fresh and innovative. If you do not have a Switch yet, this has to be the reason you were waiting.

Honorable Mention: Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus 

There were a lot of great games this year! I picked Wolfenstein because it was a great sequel to Wolfenstein I while also having an incredible speculative plot to drive the series forward. Bethesda just does not disappoint (me) and my love for this franchise grows steadily. Moving the series to American soil made me apprehensive at fist, but it paid off in a major way. Wyatt’s speech at the end still resonates in my bones.

Best TV Series of the Year: Legion 

This show.

This. Show.

I am absolutely here for smart, clever, dark, and complex television shows. I am absolutely here for anything that pushes the comic book adaption genre in interesting ways. Legion certainly was not something for everyone. However, I knew after the first episode that this twisted psychodrama was for me. It is connected to Xmen in so many ways. Instead of our standard cast of Xmen faves we get to follow David Haller…and what a trip this is.

Honorable Mention: Riverdale 

As an OG Archie fan, I was all about this gritty CW show. I waited until the entire thing was on Netflix this past summer and binge watched it. I was not disappointed! This show is such a CW show with teenagers that deal with issues that exceed their age group and adults that barely function (except for Mr. Andrews who is perfect). This crazy little show is a guilty pleasure that I do not feel that guilty about loving.

Best Song of the Year: “The Last of the Real Ones” by Fall Out Boy

New category alert! I tried really hard to not make this a Fall Out Boy song, you guys, but my efforts were in vain. Ever since I first heard this song it has become my go to belt-out-loud-in-the-car tune. I am not at all ashamed. Fall Out Boy’s new album, M A N I A, releases on January 19.

Honorable Mention: “Bodak Yellow” by Cardi B

Cardi B had the best 2017. I loved her since Love and Hip Hop. Now, she is storming through the rap/hip hop scene like a tempest. I am loving it! Bodak Yellow has been an incessant part of any playlist this year. It also has the pleasure of getting the coveted spot as my Dragoncon song of the year which means it joins the ranks with such hits as Fetty Wap’s Trap Queen and Daft Punk’s Get Lucky from previous years.

Cheers to 2018! XoXo, Butterfly.


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