The Last Jedi Trailer Finally Premieres

Patience is a virtue that I lack.


The highly anticipated trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has finally released. If there was one film (other then Black Panther)  that I was excited beyond my means it would be The Last JediThe Force Awakens, episode 7 in this franchise, released in 2015 and it took me by complete surprise. Rogue One, released last year, continued to surprise me. I am a Star Wars fan, but I would not consider myself a part of the fandom. I was always “too young” to fully appreciate the original movies while growing up. The prequel movies never held a candle to other fandoms I was apart of at the time they released. However, these new episodes have me very dedicated to this galaxy far, far away.


So, I found myself braving a Chicago Bears game to join my fellow nerds in waiting for the drop of the trailer for The Last Jedi, which releases on December 15th. The last two minutes of the game were an agonizing wait for halftime. Once the trailer finally premiered, my excitement was insurmountable. We get plenty of Luke and Rey in this trailer, which Im quite happy about. The Late Carrie Fisher as Leia is juxtaposed with her son, Kylo Ren. John Bodega looks like some Jedi Knight. Space Battles. Lots of space battles.

The trailer ends with Kylo holding out his hand….and I want to take it.


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