Descendants 2 songs rated! 

According to my best friend, I have watched Descendants 2 a total of 3200 times. That may be an exaggeration, but it is almost accurate. The recently released Disney Channel original movie has captivated my attention and is “a phase” (same best friend’s words). Whether I continue to watch this movie with the dedication that I do with Moana, I will listen to the soundtrack on rotation in my Disney Spotify playlist. The music was so good. While I feel that the first movie was better overall, the music in this second one was quite awesome. Ready to get wicked? Keep reading!

*only rating the songs that were actually in the movie 🙂

6. You and Me 

There’s nothing “wrong” with this final music number that lands it on the bottom of this list, but in comparison to the final song from the first movie it fell a little short. Even still, the dancing in the water was very fun! I also loved how the characters are all paired off by this point to dance with their respective partners.

5. Space Between 

I sing this song to my aforementioned best friend since it is a duet between Mal and Evie. It’s a very dynamic song, showcasing the vocal range of these two girls. It could very well be a love song as well.

4. Ways To Be Wicked 

Rotten to the Core is fantastic. I definitely think Ways To Be Wicked is on par with being a great opening song for Descendants just like Rotten to the Core. I love when the Villain Kids (VKs) are being mischevious. I wish we got more of that instead of it being a dream sequence and them being completely assimilated into Aurodon.

3. What’s My Name 

The antagonist for this movie was the daughter of Ursula, Uma. I have always loved China Anne McLain in everything she has been in. She was so good as Uma! Her acting was above level. This song was amazing and a perfect introduction to Uma and her pirate crew.

2. Chillin Like A Villain 

This song was about teaching Ben, the king of Auradon, how to act like a villain while in the Isle of the Lost. It was led by Sofia Carson who plays Evie, my favorite character in Descendants. It has a very old school pop song feel to me which was really great. Also, the dance! I loved it and actually learned it thanks to the Descendants YouTube tutorial.

1. It’s Going Down 

This was actually the first song I heard since the first time I watched the movie I turned it on late. However, it still remains my favorite musical number in not only just Descendants, but in all Disney Channel original movies! It’s that good. I really love the hip hop vibe it gives off. The actual musical number was on a pirate ship…a PIRATE SHIP. Then it ended in a sword fight. Pirates of the Caribbean could never.



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