The Best Trailers from San Diego Comic Con (and a few bad ones)

If you didn’t get a chance to bask in the sunlight in the Gaslamp Quarter or wait in a Hall H line, then you probably stayed glued to any announcement coming from San Diego this past weekend. The annual convention sends a flood of news about upcoming entertainment from video games to cartoons to movies etc. Thankfully most of the movie/television trailers are placed online as quickly as they are shown at the convention so fans at home are able to join in the hype. Here are a few that made me squeal.

Avengers: Infinity War 

One of the few that did not get an official release online, this was absolutely the best trailer of the convention. It really is a shame that those that did not attend do not get to see it yet besides a few leaked trailers that are taken down almost simultaneously after being put up. That’s the power of the all seeing Mouse. Marvel’s next Avengers installment merges nearly all their superheroes into a galactic was against big daddy Thanos. This is literally what the MCU has been building up to for over a decade! The trailer, which I won’t be describing in detail here, was incredibly epic so I can’t wait for a high quality one to be released for the public.


Thor: Ragnarok 

Marvel also released a new trailer for the upcoming Thor movie…and it was such a good trailer! With tropes of a buddy movie, we see that Bruce Banner joins his friend Thor in an effort to stop villain Hel who is, by far, my favorite Thor villain. Thor also enlists the help of Valkyrie (YES!) and Loki (of course). Marvel also seems to be leaning on the humor and aesthetic that has made such titles as Guardians of the Galaxy so immensely popular. That is not a bad thing by any means.

Stranger Things Season 2 

Returning to Hawkins is seemingly taking forever (season 2 releases on October 26), but this trailer was flawless. It gave us so much! However, I don’t think it gave us too much that we can not be super excited! The trailer uses Michael Jackson’s Thriller juxtaposed with other 80s Easter Eggs and haunting imagery of Will’s psyche linked to the Upside Down. You have plenty of time to check out the first season (which I highly recommend).

The Walking Dead Season 8 

It’s all out war in this new season of The Walking Dead so it is only fitting that the trailer was turned all the way up! The trailer starts with bad guy Negan talking to the pastor we love to hate, Gabriel. After that it is a continuously cycle of suspense and action that the show took nearly the entirety of season 7 to build up. It better be worth it. Also, is that a time jump? *wink*

And now for a bad one 

Pacific Rim 2 

I suppose this is more of a teaser trailer, but it just felt like a waste. It did confirm things we already knew: that Pacific Rim 2 is a thing and that John Boyega is in it. Disappointing “teaser”.


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