Where Have You Been? – Life Update

Did you miss me?

Honestly, it has taken me many months to sit down and write this blog post. It was around Dragoncon 2016 where I felt I should give an update on this blog about my life, but it was also around that time where it felt “too soon”. And, since I am being as transparent as possible, after East Coast Games Conference my life imploded in a fiery trash ball.


In my downtime, I’ve attended three amazing weddings for some amazing friends

Immediately after ECGC I made two decisions that may seem small to others but were huge to me:

  • I would relinquish control of the POC Cosplayers Facebook group
  • I would no longer pursue a job within the gaming industry

Both decisions were difficult. The latter took a lot longer to come to terms with. The former was actually months in the making. About a month after ECGC and right around the time I attended Tidewater Comic Con, I made yet another decision:

  • I would semi-retire from cosplay


That was huge for me.

At that point I had been cosplaying for 16 years. Explaining what I meant by semi-retire was hard for me to do, especially to those that only know me as a cosplayer. I went through all my social media accounts and unfollowed cosplayers who weren’t my friends. I left almost all of my cosplay groups. I deleted my cosplay page. I then left social media for about a month. During that month, I made yet another decision:

  • I would pursue a career in education

That is what brings me to writing this post. It is certainly time to explain that disappearance. I am a teacher!


feet up on my last day of the school year!


Yep, a teacher. The person that stands in front of a classroom and gives information to 25-30 kids. (I have exactly 148 students ai yi yi). The process was (and still is) intense. Teaching is a demanding, selfless career. Most of my time goes into teaching, planning lessons, crying, sleeping, planning lessons. I started pursuing this in June 2016 and was officially hired at my current school in November 2016. I still undergo training with my state department as well as teaching middle school. I will be transitioning to high school in August 2017 which is a feat that scares me tremendously as I always figured I would teach middle school, but I want to get a secondary education certification so I am able to teach both.

I could (and probably should) write an entire post about teaching, how I am getting my certification, etc, but I am going to save that for another post. I am also considering doing an entire website/blog devoted to documenting my teaching!


So, where does that leave us? This blog? I am glad you asked. I do want to start blogging more so what do you want to read about? Everything in my life seems to revolve around teaching now, but I am definitely going to try to start geeking out more. I also want to cosplay again. That is a bit harder to accomplish, however.

A lot of doors have closed while others have swung wide open. Writing this has been therapeutic.



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