Convention Report: Dragoncon 2016 

You should attend at least one con a year that you vibe with. A con that you know regardless of how the weekend unfolds that you will find some enjoyment. For me that is always Dragoncon who’s praises I sing to anyone that will allow me. For 2016, the con was chill. A lot of my friends weren’t attending for a variety of adult responsibilities, but I did manage to hang out with friends that I often rarely get to at conventions. This is my annual convention so I struggle with exactly what to say each year since it is just that good of a con.


Hotel: Hampton Inn and Suites

So I opted out of a host hotel this year. My hotel situation was a struggle but my friends came through at the eleventh hour. I borrowed my nephew’s air mattress and headed to Atlanta to my non-host hotel. Located just behind the Westin (which is one of Dragoncon’s five host hotels), this was actually a REALLY great place to stay. We had a suite which had two double beds, a living area and a small kitchen area. It was spacious enough for our six person group. It was a quick walk to the Westin and America’s Mart, but a (mostly uphill) walk to the other hotels which was terrible by Sunday night (my poor legs).





As I mentioned, this was a chill con for me. I was coming to Dragoncon for an escape from all the terrible things that were going on in my life. I had planned to attend a lot of panels, but ended up only going to the UpUpDownDown panel. This panel was about WWE star Xavier Woods’ gaming YouTube channel. He is a frequent Dragoncon attendee and, since I totally adore him, I had to see this panel. Although I arrived late, I was able to get a seat in the second row. This was one of the best panels I have ever attended. I don’t say that lightly. Xavier Woods and Mikael Mosely are two charismatic, hilarious individuals. They gave insights on wrestling, gaming, conventions, cosplay and more. It was just a great panel. The only other panel I loved so much was from earlier this year at C2E2 when I managed to make it into the Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo panel.



I cosplayed Harley Quinn from the new Suicide Squad movie despite the running joke that there would be a lot of people cosplaying Harley. I’ve exhausted myself defending Harley therefore just look at these pictures of my own costume.

img_1476 img_1510 img_1514 img_1496

Highlights of the con

  • Dragoncon had a video gaming room this year! I played DDR after many, many, many years. No one reminded me I was not 18 any longer.
  • Dancing with my friends in the Pulse Loft nearly every night of the convention was super turnt.
  • The Black Girl Nerd’s annual tweet up was such a fun vibe. This year they had a live podcast with comic artist Afua Richardson who I’ve always wanted to meet. I was able to go to her table in Artist Alley on Sunday of the con and got two prints.
  • My annual dinner with friends at Benihana is always a great way to catch up with them
  • Watching the parade from my hotel room has become a great tradition
  • Going to the Black Nerds of Dragoncon photoshoot was fun because it has actually grown so much in just one year. Unfortunately my Black Widow costume broke before I was able to attend. I did not let that ruin my day though!

img_1562 img_1450 img_1453

Next year

I always have such amazing cosplay plans for Dragoncon but then I procrastinate…as my friends will tell you. I have to start holding myself accountable for these things! I also plan to try to get a room at the Marriott Marquis next year. I have not stayed at that hotel since my very first Dragoncon and, to be honest, I hated it. I hated the wait for the elevator. I hate the noise pollution. That was six years ago, however, and I think I would appreciate the Marriott more at this point in my life since it is the hotel that I spend the majority of my time in. I would still not be able to avoid going on Peachtree Street, sadly, since the Video game track (the track who I primarily attend) is now in the Westin plus the America’s Mart has the video game room and vendor’s room.

Next event: I may go to Magfest, but (out of sheer laziness. Hey – at least I’m honest!) I have not really planned past getting a hotel room. Also next year I am planning to go to San Diego Comic Con so that is taking all my mental energy as far as planning cons go.

img_1454 img_1465 img_1523 img_1447


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