Master Raven for Tekken 7!

Fighting games have been a pretty major part of my video game existence that I do not get the opportunity to talk about as much as I want to. The biggest weekend in fighting games just passed – EVO Championships in Las Vegas! World champions duke it out on stage with their main characters to a crowd resonating with electric energy. It is something I aim to experience before I die. Before the incredible Street Fighter V finals (that aired on ESPN 2!), there were a few Tekken 7 reveals. If you remember, this was one of my favorite announcements from E3. The game, slated for an early 2017 release, revealed that the character Bob would be returning and a brand new character, Master Raven, would be on the roster.


Who…is this melanin goddess!?

Of course I am excited to see a WOC kicking ass in Tekken, my favorite 3D fighting franchise. Plus, that costume design is to die for. It almost makes me want to dust off my sewing machine. If anything, I am ready to play with Master Raven once the game finally drops. Don’t worry Asuka and Lili, I still love you.


3 responses to “Master Raven for Tekken 7!

  1. I was confused at first because I remember Raven being a Male character from Tekken 5, but I feel it’s not very different from going to Eddy Gordo to Christie Monteiro. The attacks look almost the same.

    Plus I like the jiggly… <_<


    btw, My tied for #1 characters are Hwoarang, Kazuya, Law, and Xaioyu

      • That would best explain the characters shared move list. If I recall correctly, Raven(From Tekken 5) is a ninja for some secret government organization. Raven is just a codename, so there could be a bunch of them.

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