Horizon Zero Dawn NEWS – Trailer, Release Date, Collectors Edition

You may remember Horizon Zero Dawn being listed as one of my most anticipated games of 2016. Well, I need to switch that to 2017. In news that surprises no one, the release date has been moved to the first quarter of 2017. The official release date for the game is February 28, 2017! Playstation also released a new story trailer ahead of E3 next week since this has become that wonderful time of year when a lot of companies release news prior to the show.

The girl is a curse. She came from no where. She is no one. 

This game is beautiful. That was always my first impression of it and this particular trailer confirms that notion in every single frame. To me, this is the most beautiful game that I have ever laid eyes on. If Playstation has this playable at E3 next week and I am not there – I am going to weep. Another aspect that has now intrigued me is the story of Horizon Zero Dawn. We finally get a gist about what this game is about, but I also appreciate that there is still a high level of mystery shrouding it. Story is my favorite aspect of any video game. Give me a good story and I am yours.

A collector’s edition was also announced for the game. It is absolutely necessary.


The $120 edition is well worth the price tag as it includes a copy of the game, art book, steel case, downloadable content, and a beautiful 9 inch Aloy statue! I must pre order!

Also, check back next Wednesday for my E3 news and announcements post!


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