Black Girls Nerds Needs Our Help!

Black Girl Nerds started in 2012. I discovered it shortly thereafter and have watched the community grow to astounding numbers. The impact that it has had on myself and the others is incredible. It has really carved out a space for black women who are geeks/nerds. I am proud to say that I can go to Jamie for anything! She is especially good at giving advice. Now, she needs our help! Black Girl Nerds is officially on Patreon. As the community grows, more opportunity arises for the BGN team to cover all manners of geekiness. BGN can provide first hand news of conventions and press events. Patreon is a great way for members of the community to give back to BGN in order for us to continue getting such great coverage.


Please check out for more information and to pledge any amount to help BGN on their convention circuit.

I think it’s important that so many of us with marginalized voices cover stories that you don’t really hear in the mainstream – Jamie Broadnax, founder of Black Girl Nerds


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