Geek Chic: Minnie’s World in Color Eyeshadow Palette 

I am a Disney fanatic. Since I was a child, Disney has been an important part of my life. We had all the VHS tapes of the movies. We visited Disney World in Orlando, Florida several times. I can sing nearly every Disney song. I recently started dressing up as Minnie Mouse this past Halloween which resulted in me singing Disney songs to kids as they came to grab handfuls of candy. I also found myself walking around C2E2 as Minnie to host the Diversity in Geek Media panel. 

 What can I say? I love her. 

When Sephora announced their Minnie collection, I knew I had to grab it. I ended up just getting the palette as I have dozens of red lipstick. Here is what the packaging says about this palette: 

“This Minnie inspired eyeshadow palette contains richly pigmented eyeshadows in matte, shimmer and glitter for combinations that can be worn from daytime to playtime. Clutch purse is reusable – remove the mirror and eye shadow insert to reveal a perfectly sized polka dot clutch to stow all of your beauty essentials!” 

 I certainly could not pass this up! There are 20 eyeshadows in this palette which provides a wide range of colors and finishes. There are neutrals and fun colors as well. I feel the color selection is great! There is a balance to this palette that I do not tend to see with others these days. 

I will say that these colors are not as pigmented as I wished. I brought this palette for cosplay as I do for most of my pricy makeup items. I do not feel these colors will stand out against a day at a con or high resolution pictures. I did do a friend’s daughter’s makeup for her highschool prom primarily using the “Miss Minnie” shade (red glitter) and it worked very well with her red prom dress, but I do wish it stood out a bit more since prom is about taking a lot of pictures. 

I also feel that I won’t use the clutch as a clutch. It’s a neat item to store the product in, but the clutch is rather bulky and without a chain to carry the clutch cross body, I do not find the it is very easy to carry. 

The colors, however, are very good for everyday wear. Even the brighter shades, like “Hello Mickey” (pink shimmer), “Big Shoes to Fill” (yellow glitter) and “Yoo-HOO!” (Mint matte) are very wearable. I suppose that’s the up side to things not being overly vibrant. 

All in all, the $45 price tag for this palette is really fair. I’ve spent more for less. This is a great palette for Disney fans and for those that want a balanced palette for their makeup needs. The colors could possibly be built up, but I still do not think they’d be good for any costuming or nightwear when you want something dramatic. However with the eyeshadows paired together, the looks can be something magical. 



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