Chicago Comics and Entertainment Expo – C2E2 2016 Con Report!

There is a wonderful feeling when you return to one of your favorite conventions. It is like coming home to familiar surroundings. It has taken three visits, but I feel so much at home when I go to C2E2. Traveling to Chicago can be down right torturous for this Carolina girl, but going to the convention is absolutely worth it. If you have never been to C2E2, I suggest giving it a shot. The convention is run by Reed Pop which also runs such cons as New York Comic Con, Penny Arcade Expo, Star Wars Celebration and Emerald City Comic Con. Their list of events is impressive and, quite frankly, I would only target Reed Pop conventions to attend (besides Dragoncon) just because the cons are run so damn well.

But this is about C2E2.

And C2E2 is amazing.


Friday I found myself wandering the convention floor, running into my blogger friends and trying not to spend any of my money (that was saved for Sunday). I managed to randomly run into The Hillywood Show! If you are unfamiliar with them, they are a sister duo that does incredible parodies on YouTube of franchises like Supernatural and Doctor Who. Chatting with them was incredible, but attending their panel was even more so! They held a panel later on that evening after the show floor was closed for the day. They shared their internet story. Passionate about their work, Hilly and Hannah are very genuine people who enjoy what they do and adore their fans.

Saturday was quite a busy day, of course, and the cosplayers were out in their finest. For example:

c2e2_05 c2e2_03

I was running around as Minnie Mouse due to not wanting to stress myself out about making a new costume. That doesn’t mean I was not having a good time! I actually ventured out on my own for the first time ever attending C2E2. I was able to meet cosplayers and bloggers that I have only interacted with online.

There was also plenty to do on Saturday. C2E2 had some amazing programming this year. They expanded their gaming area which include a very large section of console and table top games. Their live stage kept content going that was being livestreamed for those at home to watch.

And the panels.

Oh the panels.

I attended the Full Spectrum: Why Color Matters in Comics panel which was a fantastic commentary of diversity within comics and comic publishers. Then, there was my own panel: Diversity in Geek Media. Don’t worry. I will be giving more information on both of these panels in a future post.


Blogger friends are the best friends. Barb is the best blogger friend!

Sunday is my shopping day, but I als0 managed to go to the amazing Batman Retrospective panel that writer/artist duo Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo put on. I will say that other then my own panel, this was the highlight of my convention! I will discuss more about this panel in a future post, but I was very emotional the entire time.

Every year I go to C2E2 and vow that I will not go the next year. I want to expand and go to more (Reed Pop) conventions. I want to experience new things. But, every year I go to C2E2 and know that I will be returning the following year. It is such a great event with fantastic guests and friendly attendees. The pros far out weigh the cons I have which are pretty much limited to how absolutely difficult it is to get to this convention from downtown. This convention is an absolute gem that does not get the credit it deserves. I was happy to see it so crowded on all three days and hope it keeps growing (I want it to go to four days!).

The most important part about C2E2, however, is that it finally feels like home.



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