My C2E2 Schedule – Must See Panels!

Panels are my favorite parts of a convention. Besides, if you are going to be spending so much money at a convention then you need to be doing much more than walking around the show floor for hours. Conventions often put out their finalized schedule weeks in advance so attendees can see all the awesome content that is approved for the show! Some conventions also have mobile apps which makes it very easy to schedule the panels and also set up notifications so that no panels are missed.

Here are the panels I am most interested in this weekend at C2E2 in Chicago, IL. Obviously this is my own personal list so if you’re heading out to the show this weekend you should check out the full schedule here and download their mobile app (available for IOS and Android).


FRIDAY – March 18

How To Run A Cosplay Related Business 12:15 – 1:15 in S401

This is Yaya Han’s panel. I’m certainly interested in hearing how she grew her business and to learn any tips/tricks she may have. Out of all the conventions I have been to, I have actually never went to a Yaya Han panel before!

The Hillywood Show 6:30 – 7:30 in S404

I have the pleasure of meeting The Hillywood Show many years ago at a Twicon in North Carolina. Now, the sister pair of parody geniuses have blown up! Recently partnered with Nerdist, the pair have created a ton of awesome parodies which is tremendous growth since their Twilight days. I would love to meet them again as well as attend their panel.

Saturday – March 19

Marvel: 25 Years of Deadpool 12:15 – 1:15 in S401

Featuring a bunch of the creative team from the Deadpool comics, this panel is celebrating Deadpool’s 25th anniversary! With the success of the film as well as my love of the comics, I am curious about this panel and any information they may reveal.

Full Spectrum: Why Color in Comics Matters 3:00 – 4:00 in S403

Gotta attend a diversity panel! According to the description, this panel will be discussing the ideas behind diversity within comic books.

Diversity in Geek Media 4:15 – 5:14 in S405a

Oh hey! I know the people putting on this panel! Seriously, you all should certainly come check out my panel on Saturday afternoon! I think that we have plenty to say! 

Sunday – March 20

Snyder & Capullo – A Batman Retrospective 1:30 to 2:30 in S404

This has been my absolute favorite run of Batman! I love this team so much!

Professional Geek: How To Turn Your Passion into a Career 3:45 to 4:45 in S503

I really love hearing career advice from professionals in my field so I want to check this out in hopes of learning more about pursuing my career.

Will you be at C2E2 this weekend or one of the other 25 conventions happening in the United States!?



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