My Top 16 Anticipated Video Games of 2016

Happy release date, Tom Clancy’s The Division! I am way over due for voicing what games I am looking forward to this year. Ambitious and lengthy, this list is only a small selection of all the great games releasing in 2016. It’s been a few years since there have been this many titles that excite me (even if I am unable to pick them all up because of words like budget and adulthood).

Let’s jump straight into this list, shall we!


1. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End – 5/10/2016 (after a second delay…)

I am not at all shy in confessing my absolute adoration for Uncharted and its leading man, Mr Nathan Drake. It is my favorite game franchise having edged out Kingdom Hearts and  Legend of Zelda (side note: those are still faves, obviously). In what is being billed as the final game, A Thief’s End finds Drake in a very different, middle aged part of his life until an unexpected visitor reenters to coerce him for one last raid. Gameplay videos have already showcased how undeniably fun this game will be as story trailers promise a deep, emotional game. I’ve been replaying the original games in preparation, but I do not think I will ever be prepared if this is truly the end.


2. Horizon Zero Dawn – 2016

This. Game. Is. Beautiful. When this game was first announced at E3, I was not entirely sold on its concept. It was not until the gameplay video that came out of PlayStation Experience this past December that I was captivated. The games sci fi elements in what appears to be a primitive society is intriguing. Far Cry Primal meets Deus Ex…at least in my head. The lead protagonist, Aloy, is such a strong character as we see her taking down robotic beasts in the gameplay video. Breathtaking scenery. Well designed robots. Fun combat. I can not wait to get my hands on this one. With only a “2016” release window, I am crossing all my appendages this game releases this year.


3. Overwatch – May 24, 2016

Who can forget that well done cinematic trailer that started this hype train!? I am not well versed on Blizzard properties since I have avoided the fabled addiction to their games a la World of Warcraft, but Overwatch is right up my alley. Admittedly my favorite part of what I’ve seen on this game so far is the diverse cast of characters. Also, Blizzard released amazing character turn around art that is perfect for cosplayers. I love when game companies think about their consumers and are so confident in their title that they already give cosplayer’s great resources. The arena style gameplay and emphasis on team work are going to make for a fun, albeit competitive, time. I especially love all the characters unique abilities. My favorite announcement out of last year’s Blizzcon is that the game is coming to consoles! What a joyous announcement indeed.


4. The Division – March 8, 2016

Released already at the time of this post, I have been wanting this game since it was first announced. If you take a look at my 2014 anticipated games list, you will find this title, but it was delayed to this year. Here we find ourselves again listing it. At least it’s out now! I was hardcore into Rainbow Six back in the day. The Division seems to have everything I love when it comes to my shooters and then some. Dystopian settings are real big in pop culture nowadays, but while watching gamers run through a dilapidated New York City in the beta I never felt that this game was going to overuse tropes. The Dark Zone is perfectly named and calls out to me for some awesome PvP action. The mere fact of this game’s existence makes me long for a time when Frag Doll Cadettes would have demoing this game at events.


5. Dishonored 2 – 2016

Recent years have brought us only a few new IPs that were stand outs. Dishonored was one of them. Playing as Corvo on this revenge mission in the incredible setting of Dunwall was a helluva lot of fun. When the sequel was announced at Bethseda’s first E3 conference last year, I instantly anticipated the game. Newer IPs impress me so much due to the pressure on them to succeed. Dishonored stuck with me so I am ready for a second one. Again, no specific release date, but I am seriously hoping for a date in the fall.


6. Pokken Tournament – March 18, 2016

It is a fighting game with Pokemon. There really is not anything more to say. Already released in Japan, Pokken Tournament finds it’s way to American shores next week. I finally got around to watching gameplay which I was previously avoiding and y’all…this game looks so fun! I have been a huge Pokenerd for over half my life as I also have been with fighting games. Now, two of my obsessions are joining together! My one criticism of what I have read about the game is that it will be more casual then a typical fighting game. Even still, I consider that very minor since I absolutely loved Pokemon Stadium and Pokken Tournament makes me nostalgic for it.

Now that the top 6 are out of the way, here are 10 more games that I’m excited for – in no particular order:

7. Recore (apparently there is a theme with me that involves women and robots in video games)

8. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst (5/16/2016 – FINALLY)

9. Street Fighter V (2/16/216 – I only like Street Fighter because of Chun Li. I’m not even kidding)

10. Fire Emblem Fates (2/19/2016 – Maybe Awakening will go on sale now?)

11. Homefront The Revolution (5/17/2016 – support my homie Deep Silver)

12. No Man’s Sky (6/21/2016 – I’m not even sure why I want to play this when I am terribly afraid of space exploration)

13. Persona 5 (I have never been able to play a Persona game…but I always anticipate them. I am weird)

14. The Last Guardian (insert the “It’s been 84 years” gif)

15. Gears of War 4 (rumored to be in Q4 of this year, but I am not betting on this)

16. Mass Effect Andromeda (delayed now until 2017…)



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    • Yeah it’s more like capture the flag then Borderlands. But it still looks quite fun especially if maybe paired up with friends on a team! I haven’t been able to play it yet (I think there is a beta and people are already playing) but I hope that at PAX they may have the game so I can play.

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