Update – Katsucon, Diversity panels, and more!

Did you miss me?

A lot has been going on since I took a brief, involuntary hiatus from my website. I am back now, however, with some amazing news.


First, I managed to attend Katsucon very briefly this year. The last time I was in the gorgeous Gaylord Resort was back in 2010. Bursting at the seams now, the convention has surely grown over those six years. Immediately upon arrival there was a fire alarm that caused the entire resort to be evacuated. Once allowed back in to the convention center, I was able to see all of my friends who I have not seen since Dragoncon. Katsucon’s venue is remarkable – my favorite venue from any convention. Unfortunately, a ton of vandalism occurred at this year’s con which is awful. The disregard for other’s property and the juvenile justification that the venue can “afford it” when it comes to conversation about fixing the damage is part of the reason I have chosen not to attend anime conventions in these past couple of years. Being at Katsucon has not changed that at all therefore I will be aiming for Magfest next year so I get to enjoy the wonderful venue in a more enjoyable atmosphere.


More good news is that I have been approved for press with this websitefinally! I am very grateful that someone at C2E2 has decided that I could be bestowed with the privilege of being press. That, to me, is a higher honor then cosplay guest because I have been working towards that for six years. I am very happy that I finally was able to get press on my own credentials and merits! I certainly can not wait to continue to grow this website where I will soon be opening up for guest blogs and just expanding it to be more of a geek media empire then it currently is. There will be quite a lot of content about C2E2 leading up to and after the con so stay tuned for that!


Speaking of C2E2, not only am I press for this year’s convention, but I am putting on a panel! The Diversity in Geek Media panel is one of my babies. I have had a dream of a network of connected panels all dealing diversity. This is a hot button topic this year so I certainly want to bring it to the geek space and speak on this platform at conventions. Again, I wholeheartedly thank C2E2 for believing in me and my vision.

Not only did C2E2 believe in me, but PAX East did as well! I have not been to this convention since 2012 and after a few failed years of trying to return, I am finally going back this year to put on a panel! I am happy to say that I am presenting the Diversity in Gaming: Equality for All! panel at PAX East! Along with Gaymer X, Ablegamers, and I Need Diverse Games I will be talking about gaming for the POC, LGBT+ and disabled gamers communities. This is such a different panel then I am used to, but I am happy that I can speak about diversity in a different capacity then just race.

So, there you have, all the updates on what I’ve been up to in the past couple of months. I am so excited to take this year by storm! There are so many more plans coming this year so trust I will let you all know when things happen.


6 responses to “Update – Katsucon, Diversity panels, and more!

  1. Yay for Katsucon! I missed it this year. I was hoping to make the diversity panel so I’m glad I got to read this. I’m loving the addition of diversity panels to cons! Enjoy C2E2

  2. Congrats on the press accreds and the diversity panels. I got to speak on a diversity panel at PAX Prime a couple of years ago and even though attendance wasn’t great, it was an amazing experience. Hopefully I can try to say “hi” at PAX East!

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