My 2016 Convention Calendar

Time to tell you where I am planning on going this year. Let’s try to be more realistic then in the past – shall we.



C2E2 – Chicago, IL (March 18 – 20)

Animazement – Raleigh, NC (May 27 – 29)

Heroescon – Charlotte, NC (June 17 – 19)

Walker Stalker Con – Charlotte, NC (June 25 – 26)

Dragoncon – Atlanta, GA (Sept 2 – 5)

Florence Comic Con – Florence, SC (TBD)


East Coast Games Conference – Raleigh, NC (April 19 – 21)

Yallfest – Charleston, SC (TBD)


New York Comic Con – New York City (Oct 6 – 9)

Comikaze – Los Angeles, CA (TBD)


Did I say realistic? I meant ambitious.  What cons are you hitting up this year? I am also trying to go to Disney World and the Bahamas so we will see how this all works out!




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