Butterfly’s Best of 2015

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It’s my favorite time of the year where I’m able to reflect back on all the awesome things that I’ve experienced to put them all into this handy list. This is my third year doing this! I can’t believe I actually have such a consistent blog tradition. I do still plan to focus heavy on sex and relationships in the new year, but I just could not give up certain posts that make me genuinely happy to create.

Without further adieu…

Best Book of 2015: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

Not only did I read this latest novel by young adult author Leigh Bardugo, but I flew through the entire Grisha trilogy as well. Six of Crows was an outstanding book! It had elements of a gripping heist movie with magic and a beautiful setting. And the characters – oh the characters! They were all so fully developed with still leaving room for more growth over what is sure to be a new series. The physical copy of the book is stunning. With gorgeous art on the cover and black edged pages, it sits prominently on my shelf as one of the most beautiful books I own.


Honorable Mention: A Court of Thrones and Roses by Sarah J Maas

This was my first book by Maas who is author of the popular Throne of Glass series. Marketed as a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, A Court of Thrones and Roses was a beautiful story in my opinion (and people sure have strong opinions about this one). It’s a story about fierce fairies and a girl sent to live amongst them to save her family. It’s a tale of love and romance. Plus, it has some of the best sex scenes in young adult literature. I even had to bookmark and notate the page numbers of those scenes. Many people find this book to be problematic and say that it has undertones of sexual assault but that was not the vibe I got from my experience. If you do choose to read it I’d proceed with caution if that’s a trigger for you.


Best video game of 2015: Bloodborne

The world. The design. The game play. Those damn bosses. Bloodborne is special. I have never touched a Dark Souls game due to the difficulty but I could not pass up this game. It intrigued me to the point I have watched so much gameplay, so many playthroughs. I want more.


Honorable mention: Batman Arkham Knight

Although I have issues with this game (and we a certain collectors edition being cancelled), this is a Batman game and I am a Batman fan. It never fails to excite me to play as the Dark Knight, soaring over Gotham and taking down enemies. Even though my license to drive the Batmobile should be revoked, being able to drive around the city was a fun – albeit frustrating – experience.


Best Comic of the Year Bitch Planet

From the moment I learned about this comic, I was sold. After reading it, I was in love. Bitch Planet is a shining beacon of femenism and damn good comic book writing. It takes place at a correctional facility for non-compliant women who can be locked up for just about anything men want them to be sent away for. It is one of the most diverse comic titles being published and the art style is fascinating.


Honorable Mention: Batman

Oh? Batman listed again? I’m not at all sorry. I could not go another year without putting this title on one of my Best lists especially with the incredible arcs that were published withing this year. Both Endgame and Superheavy have been incredible arcs that just feel like true bona-fide Batman stories. Issue 44, for example, is one of the best Batman comic issues ever. Not to mention the arcs prior to this year are remarkable. Scott Snyder has created a story that is truly special.



Best Anime of 2015 Tokyo Ghoul √A

No anime has emotionally drained me as much as this one…so much so that I am still thinking about it months later. It affected me on such a deep level. The second season of Tokyo Ghoul, √A takes it up to 10 on the WTF scale. After how the first season ended, this one bascially continues to torture our hearts. I normally do not cry at this genre of anime, but I was bawling several times. I still have been unable to watch very serious anime and have been watching light hearted series for more then half of this year.


Honorable Mentions: One Punch Man and Your Lie in April

Quite possibly everyone’s favorite anime this year, One Punch Man was so much fun! It is the perfect trope of the super hero genre with humor and action. Saitama is one of my favorite characters now. I only wish it had been longer then 12 episodes as the final episode was anticlimactic, leaving so much to be desired. This is the first anime in years that I’ve felt driven to read the manga just to get more of the story.

Your Lie in April is CUTE. That is my first thought on it. I still plan to do a full review of the anime on this blog so all I will say here is that this anime captures falling in love and realizing feelings in an amazing way. Oh the dialogue is written beautifully. I just love this anime. It follows a young violinist helping a pianist discover the joy of music. That’s the best way I can explain it without spoilers. Just watch it if you like cute anime. Do yourself a favor.



Best TV show of 2015: Wayward Pines

I was very skeptical about this show, but after an intriguing first episode I was certainly hooked. This show went from 0 to 100 without slowing down in the 10 episodes. The story was menacing with twists all the way up to the final seconds. It was recently announced that a second season may be coming in the summer of this year. I’m excited!


Honorable Mention: Heroes Reborn

Although there are still a few episodes coming to end this series, Heroes
was a great return to a tv series that I loved. The first episode was not the greatest, however, but as the story unfolded it became as good as the very first season. Superb writing and amazing usage of powers were enough to keep me returning weekly to learn more about the fate of the world.


Best Movie of 2015: Mad Max Fury Road

Sleeper hit of the year for me, this movie was not even on my radar until I saw the trailer on the big screen. Massive sand storm mixed with crazy explosions (not to mention the incredible Furiosa) cemented this movie in my top spot so much so that I watched it twice that weekend sharing it with family and friends. Although there were other really big movies in 2015, the lasting impression that Mad Max: Fury Road had will make it a classic.


Honorable Mention: Creed and Star Wars The Force Awakens

Towards the end of the year I had the pleasure of seeing two more movies that were the continuation of classic series. Creed was far better then I expected mostly due to the performances of the cast. I do not remember watching the Rocky films in their entirety however if they are as spirited as Creed I’ll need to make time to revisit them.

What is probably the biggest phenomenon in movie history, Star Wars The Force Awakens was so much fun! If Mad Max had not freshly captivated me then this continuation of the epic saga would have taken the top spot. The cast of characters are incredible on screen and the cast are amazing people off screen. This movie is a wonderful experience that I can not wait to share with my children some day.


I am very excited to see what 2016 will bring. Stay tuned for my most anticipated video games and movie lists. Also, if you want to see me cover any subject then drop a comment! What were your favorites of 2015?


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