[Part 1] 12 Movies of 2015 – a movie a month!

Once upon a time I was a regular staff member of a movie blog. That resulted in me seeing at least a hundred movies in theaters and keeping up with the movie news. The work load got really high so I had to stop working for the blog and pursue other avenues of blogging. That was when I launched this blog (previously hosted on blogspot) and I did not go to the movies nearly as much. Now, I go to a movie maybe once every other month and do not write as many movie reviews as I previously did. This year, I do hope to include some more movie news! I’ll start by naming one movie a month that I am excited for. I’ll make a great effort to see each of these movies, but there are some months with more then one amazing film releasing. (List of movies found on firstshowing.net)

January – Selma (9th) – Technically a 2014 release, the movie expands to a wider audience. The civil rights film following the history is Martin Luther King Jr seems monumental as it follows one of the greatest men to walk the earth and also was directed by an African American woman!

February – Jupiter Ascending (6th) – I have literally been waiting on this film for over a year! Originally with a July 2014 date, the sci fi film was pushed back much to my astonished dismay. Lucky for me the year went quickly and my most anticipated film of 2014 is releasing. It stars Milan Kunis and Channing Tatum, two of my favorite stars.

la_ca_1021_selma movies02

March – The Divergent Series: Insurgent (20th) – Young adult movie adaptions are their own genre. There is a steady stream of them in the movie market. While I did not like book, I am excited for the Insurgent film. I feel that the plot translate better to film then it does in words.

April Furious 7 (3rd) – When I saw the first Fast and the Furious movie, I was hooked. The high octane world of fast cars had me dazzled. By the time the third film came around, I really started researching street racing. The untimely death of Paul Walker struck me hard. I was a big fan of his work in (and out) of the Fast franchise.

movies03 movies04

May – Avengers: Age of Ultron (1st) – My most anticipated film of the year! There’s really nothing more for me to say about this movie here…I will be doing plenty of posts leading up to and after the movie.

June – Jurassic World (12th) – Jurassic Park makes me quite nostalgic. I remember loving the first movie so much, enjoying the following ones. and devouring the books because of my love for the films. It is exciting to have another Jurassic movie (especially one with Chris Pratt)!

Stay tuned for Part 2!

movies05 movies06


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