Top 5 Anticipated Games of 2015

It’s that time of year for me to tell you all the gloriously games that I am excited about. I was looking over my list from 2014 and discovered that the titles listed still excited me. Some I got around to and others…were pushed back to 2015 – unfortunately. Video games increasingly get better even if the community does not. While I adore gaming, I have taken a step back in recent years from the community part of it. 2015 is going to be my triumphant return to social gaming. I am going to make great strides in bringing this community together and getting women of color the recognition they deserve. Leaps are being made for women in gaming (even if people do not like it) and as a black woman I obviously want to see us right up there with them – getting Twitch partnerships, sponsored by gaming companies, lines of people wanting to meet with us at events, panels at gaming conventions, etc. I love this community. I want to feel apart of it.

But I will step off my soap box for a second to return the focus to what makes the gaming world go round, the actual video games. Here are five of my most anticipated titles of this year.


The Order 1866 actually made my 2014 list as well, but the game was pushed back from its late fall release to February. My most anticipated (and researched) game since Bioshock Infinite, I have been following this title for awhile and I am more then ready to get my hands on it! The game looks stunning. Story is always the most important aspect of a single player game for me so I am pleasantly surprised that this story seems to grab my attention. As I have impatiently waited for its release, you can beat I am snatching up a collector’s edition when the time comes.


It is easy for me to admit that I am not much of a PC gamer. Fiercely loyal to the Playstation, I have only dabbled in PC gaming during my highschool years and have not owned a PC since then. But when I saw Blizzard announce their new title, Overwatch, at Blizzcon last year, I was hooked. The game looks FUN. After the announcement I began researching affordable options for a PC. It is rare that there is a title that makes me buy an entire gaming peripheral for it, but that seems to be happening more as these companies put out outstanding titles. (Note: I did buy a WiiU specifically for Bayonetta 2. Way to go, Nintendo!)


Much in the same way I raced out to buy Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Yoshi’s Wooly World has captivated me in a nostalgic way. Bright colors and classic styled side scrolling, I love the way the game looks and how it reminds of the games I played as a child. Adulthood has made me cynical. Escaping to games such as Yoshi’s Wooly World invokes a sense of happiness and joy within me. Nintendo is perfect for capturing that feeling of youth, but I am also happy to see the company putting a slight edge to it with some of their recent titles.


Batman: Arkham Knight is yet another title developers decided to push back to this year. I can’t say that I was happy to not play as the Caped Crusader in late 2014, but it is great to have such a high profile title releasing for the summer. Often the summer season is left with dry with little to no great games being released. With Arkham Knight dropping in June, it is sure to be the best title to escape the heat with and stay indoors. These Batman games have been a great edition to my growing Bataddiction. Of course I am getting the collector’s edition of this game because I missed the others….bad Batfan.


Finally, the apple of my eye. The yin to my yang. My soul mate. Nathan Drake returns in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. First, I will preface this section by saying that you, dear reader, will become sick of my foreshadowed discussions, blogs, previews and the like about this game. I will be covering it up into its release because it is Uncharted…my FAVORITE GAME FRANCHISE. Now, with that out of the way, Uncharted 4 looks incredible already. With a predicted late 2015 release, I am sure that we will be seeing quite a bit from this game at events throughout the year. Sony and Naughty Dog have already surprised us with that amazing 15 minutes of game play so what else can they possibly have to give us!? Whatever they would like to bestow upon us, I shall receive.

What games are you excited about this year?



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