The Bleak Future of Superhero Films [Ant Man]

“They will make anything into a movie adaptation,” I remember saying when I learned that the only Marvel comic book property I cared about, Guardians of the Galaxy, was being made into a movie. It was 2010. Rocket Raccoon was included in Marvel vs Capcom 3 and a Guardians movie was on its way in a few years. I was skeptical, but optimistic. With the slew of movie adaptations from every medium – books, comic books, video games and even board games – it seems that I may be getting a little adapted out. Too much of a good thing is simply not a good thing. So what would be a solution?

Maybe make a movie out of a property I am not too familiar with?

ant man

Thus, my minor excitement for Ant Man came to be. I am fascinated by the Marvel Cinematic Universe as any steady reader of mine can tell you. While I hardly read the comics besides Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy and the new love Angela Assassin of Asgard, I do love the movie universe. So, I waited for any information about Ant Man to be released instead of educating myself on the hero. Avengers Age of Ultron was enough to keep me salivating for awhile. However the movie is near it’s release date of May 8 so I need to know what is beyond for the MCU.

Ant Man is beyond.

There are so many other films announced, but Ant Man releases in July therefore it is directly following what it sure to be an explosive ride in Avengers 2. If that is the opening act then perhaps Ant Man will be a bit of a lack luster follow up performance. The trailer was, amongst other things, boring. I am a strong believer that you do not have to know anything about a property for the trailer to excite you. The trailer should be what draws you to the film. You should be able to make your decision on if the movie is worth a (steadily increasing) ticket price. So, imagine my shock when I felt that Ant Man is going to be the one Marvel film that I actually skip.

ant man02

That’s right. I do not think I will be seeing this in theaters.

Much to my surprise, the internet exploded with positive criticism about the film after the trailer released. Media outlets carried massive stories about it. Social media exploded with oohs and aahs. Did I watch the same trailer? What was good about it? The cheeky line at the end that added a bit of humor to the trailer was stale. The story/plot seems boring. I have not felt this way about a Marvel movie since Captain America The First Avenger which I still do not like no matter how many times I rewatch it. The best part about that film, for your information, was the ending.

A part of me feels I am being too hard on Ant Man. Maybe I should educate myself to garner a unique fascination for this property. But that just seems too much, in my opinion. I knew nothing about Thor when I entered a theater in 2011. Now, I am down right obsessed with everything having to do with Asgard.

ant man03

With so many other amazing films releasing this year including in July when Ant Man premieres, I think my time is better spent elsewhere. There is a possibility that I will still see the film because I feel I am the only person not immediately excited. This is the problem I have with superhero movies now a days and the reason why I feel this bubble will pop. I do not see a very bright future with superhero films which is probably the most unpopular opinion of this day. Call me one of those ungrateful fans, but I am not going to be happy just because a movie is comic book related. I am not going to be satisfied with poorly done movies or adaptations of literally anything geeky enough to send us all into a frenzy.

Iron Man 3 was dismal. Green Lantern was appalling. While I absolutely adore them both, Thor and Thor The Dark World were almost the same plot. The announcement of Suicide Squad was met with a “why” question from me and let’s not get started on what this Batman vs Superman vs Wonder Woman vs everyone else in the DC Universe has become. Warner Brothers and DC Comics are trying to force feed us a fully developed cinematic universe without any time to build one up. Marvel, on the other hand, continues to steam roll through with films that entwine to create a convoluted over arching story that has all their properties under the Mouse’s thumb.

What can be done? Honestly, I would prefer a longer time in between the films. I obviously know that is not going to happen. Superhero movies are a cash cow. Conventions have turned into major businesses. It is all very different from yesteryear. Ant Man looks cool in concept art. Paul Rudd is cute and the Ant Man costume is awesome, but I can not seem to gain any interest in it….at all.


2 responses to “The Bleak Future of Superhero Films [Ant Man]

  1. I’m looking forward to Ant-Man, but I’ve also had the chance to see more than what has been seen in the trailer. I can understand people being leery though!

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