Butterfly’s Best of 2014

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It is that time of the year where I recap some of my most loved things throughout 2014. As I reflect over this year, there was so many things that changed in my personal life that caused my social media/internet life to falter. There were moments when writing was more of a chore than carefully crafted words my mind and fingertips worked together to create. Now that a new year is upon us I certainly feel more confident that I can get back on track with writing the way I am meant to.

But enough about that. Here are my faves from 2014.

Best Book of 2014: Cress by Marissa Meyer I read all the books in the Lunar Chronicles this year with Cress being the latest one, having released in this year. I had put off the series for so long. Remarkable and enchanting, this series captures the charming aspects of classic fairytales and twists them with science fiction. Cress was full of action on Earth and in space. It certainly opens up the door for even more exciting story development. With a prequel novel and the next installment of the series both coming out in 2015, I highly recommend reading these books.

Honorable Mention: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
Another book I had been putting off reading, I saw the movie adaption of this novel first before ever turning a page in the book. The movie was so brilliant that I had to check out the novel. Even though I feel the book would have been far better prior to watching the film, it is still one of my favorite reads of the year.

Best Comic of 2014: Sex Criminals
I’ve spent an awful lot of time praising how Sex Criminals stopped me from feeling ashamed about sex. That is why it was certainly my favorite title of the year. There were a slew of amazing comics this year, but none has affected me in such a personal way. I’m not sure if creators Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky aimed to create a raunchy comic book about sex or actually provide a platform for sex positivity, but I thank them none the less.

Honorable Mention: Lumberjanes 

After the buzz that surrounded this comic book, I finally picked up the first four issues during the summer. I am glad I did! Lumberjanes is so much fun and reminds me of an episodic cartoon series. It’s so good it could be animated! Taking place at a summer camp, the series follows five girls and the mysterious things that happen at camp. It’s a perfect all ages comic and can appeal to both genders as well.

Best Video Game of 2014: Bayonetta 2

Video games suffered the most for me this year. Unfortunately there were not many titles releasing that I was excited for and I had very little time to sit down to play anything on console. However, Nintendo released the most titles that got me really excited – so excited that I brought a WiiU! I have waited on Bayonetta 2 for so long. I throughly enjoyed the first one when I played it in 2010 so I can not wait to finish this one.

Honorable Mention: The Evil Within

The only other game I devoted time to was this one…and I only watched YouTube playthroughs from 4 different people! I was obsessed with the story of The Evil Within and while I felt the end boss battle was lackluster and the plot ending was disatisfying, I still enjoyed watching it. Personally, I could never play the game myself. (I do not play survival horror)However, I was intrigued enough to watch the entire game be played.

Best Movie of 2014: Guardians of the Galaxy
James Gunn’s amazing film has turned my obsession with GotG into a full blown religion. The film captured everything I loved about the comics and brought to life characters I thought I’d never see on film. Words really can not express the emotions I feel for the Guardians. They were the only Marvel property that I adored and, now, they are apart of the Cinematic Universe.

Honorable Mention: Big Hero 6
Marvel won 2014 as all their movies were on point this year (including Winter Soldier which was a strong contender for this spot). I chose Big Hero 6 because I’m obsessed it was such a good animated film. The story invoked so many emotions in me as I watched it. I felt that it was creative and unique. I can’t wait to own the blu ray.

Best TV Show of 2014: The Flash

Flash is my third favorite DC hero so I was really excited for the television show. It blew my mind more then I thought it would! Grant Gustin is remarkable as Barry. It is refreshing to see so many actors in comic books movies and television shows capture the essence of their characters. The crossover event between Flash and CW’s other comic book title, Arrow, sealed this show’s fate as one of the better superhero entities out there to date.

Honorable Mention: Constantine

I try to keep these “Best of” posts to properties released during that year. There were many returning shows that exceeded my expectations. Constantine was a new show that was not given a fair shot. With a poor choice of time slot and a poor host network, the show did not receive the credit I feel it deserved. Constantine reminds me of the earlier days of Supernatural mixed with some of Jim Buther’s Dresden Files. It is awesome!


Best Anime of 2014: Agame No Kill

Every year there is a big anime everyone decides to watch. I am not entirely sure 2014 had one of those or if I was just out of the loop. Nonetheless, I checked out Agame no Kill and loved it. The show had a Robin Hood-esque plot except for the rich and powerful were killed by the group of skilled killers that we grow to love. I felt emotionally tied to these characters after only a few episodes and when tragedy happens on the screen I was invested in it. The show is intense, bloody, and quite fun.

Honorable Mention: Sailor Moon Crystal

Adult anime fans everywhere waited patiently (or not so patiently) for the rebooted Sailor Moon series. I was one of those fans. I remember watching Sailor Moon episodes recorded on VHS cassettes in middle school so it was amazing to rewatch the original in a modern capacity while also watching the new series. There is much criticism surrounding the show, but I like the change. I feel it fits the era this show is in now and will hopefully bring in new fans much in the same way the older series did for me.


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