Playstation Experience 2014: The Announcements I Loved


The inaugural (and yearly – hopefully) Playstation Experience wrapped up in Las Vegas this past weekend. Sony did not disappoint as they brought out their heavy hitters throughout the event, showcasing the PS4 and Vita portable with a wide variety of titles ranging from AAA behemoths to charming indies. Although I was unable to fly out to sin city on such short notice – seeing as how the event was announced only a few months ago – I was able to follow the dynamic news throughout the weekend along with thousands of other fans. Here is some of my favorite news out of the magical weekend.

I always talk about Uncharted. It is obvious it is one of my favorite franchises, second only to The Legend of Zelda. Uncharted 4 news was expectant out of a weekend chock full of Playstation but what fans received was an early Christmas gift. Presented as the start of the keynote was 15 minutes of live gameplay featured our dashing hero Nathan. The choice of gameplay shown was damn near perfect to show off many elements of the Uncharted series that has come to be loved. We got quite a bit of wall climbing as Nathan Drake traversed the terrain. We also got a look at some combat with enemies as Nathan used said terrain in new, innovative ways. Also, to complete a trifecta of perfection, we got a tiny taste of the story.


Uncharted 4 looks stunning on the PS4. Looking at the scenery as Drake makes his way through it was captivating. The world seems big and open. The scale of it was impressive. The introduction of a grappling hook has many people stating that it was too close to a Ms Croft, but it just felt like a good fit to add to Drake’s arsenal. The bit of story related cinema that ended the gameplay was incredible albeit a bit of a spoiler. I suggest if you want to go into Uncharted 4 A Thief’s End with no story knowledge at all then the last minute or so of the video should be skipped. There has not been an official launch date, but we do know the game is coming next year. My prediction would be late 2015 but, deep down, I think early 2016 is still a possibility.


Another interesting game to come out of PSX was Drawn To Death, an arena shooter that looks straight out of the minds of a thirteen year old boy. Hand drawn characters massacre each other with a wide variety of creative weapons. Quirky games always grab my attention. Drawn to Death reminds me of the Wii’s MadWorld mixed with the recently announced Blizzard title Overwatch. But even with those unintentional nods to other titles, Drawn to Death is certainly a beast of its own.

David Jaffe takes the helm with his new studio The Bartley Jones Supernatural Detective Agency. The aesthetic of the game is what makes it most appealing. In a world of 3d rendered models, motion capture, and CGI Drawn to Death is so damn creative with it’s sketchy style art. Jaffe has stated that the game is a mix of an arena shooter and a old school brawler. The game has a standard mode which is a 4 player death match. Currently in Alpha mode, the game will be a Playstation exclusive.


The Order 1886 has been a highly anticipated PS4 title since it was announced quite some time ago. I have personally been watching the development of this game as it goes through its varying stages. Albeit there are still mixed feelings about the game, it is always exciting to hear more about it. Playstation Experience showcased the two collector’s editions that will come with the release of the game – two, frighteningly beautiful collector’s editions. The editions have been announced since this summer but IGN was able to get close up video of the sets (video below). The simplistic box art is still gorgeous with its gold foil on a black background. The first edition is $79.99 and features a 7 inch statue, steelbook, stickers, Knights of Arsenal DLC, soundtrack, and behind the scenes footage. The second is a bit pricy at $149.99 but comes with a 13 inch statue, steelbook, art book, blackwater vial pendant, collector’s box, stickers, Knights Arsenal DLC, soundtrack and behind the scenes footage.

Hopefully Sony will put on this event again as it was the best way to show off all of their upcoming titles and not have to compete with other companies for media time. It was all about Sony Playstation this past weekend which was a brilliant move by the company. They were able to dedicate all of our attention to the PS4 and Vita. Our ears are perked. Our interests are peaked. Also, a bit of a longer heads up for when the event will be held would be my one plea to Sony so that a Playstation enthusiast such as myself can make my way out to the show. I felt an overwhelming sense of defeat not being able to celebrate my longest relationship. I am sorry I missed out anniversary party, Playstation. It has been a good 20 years.



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