I Heart Instagram Tag

In an effort to really make this blog more personal, I have decided to do a tag blog post. “Tags” are very popular on youtube and I am excited to see them filtering out to our world of written words. Instagram remains one of the social networking mediums that I enjoy the most. Pictures obviously can tell a story all on their own. Instagram is watching a person’s life unfold. This is the perfect tag for all instagram lovers, such as myself.


What’s your Instagram handle? @buterflysamurai

How many people do you follow? 348 currently

How many followers do you have? 382 currently

What are your favorite hashtags? My favorites are actually convention hashtags! I will always follow those hashtags during a convention to see all the fun I am missing out on. At the time of writing this post I am checking #NYCC incessantly. I also really love any tag dealing with black cosplay so #blackcosplayer is a must follow. Also, #cosplayprogress is fun and I check #Dragoncon all year long. Also, #blackmilk is fun to follow so I know how to style pieces. Following the individual items that I own/want to own is a must.


What is your favorite genre of pictures? I really love haul pictures. Comics. Books. Makeup. I just love seeing what people buy on a daily basis. I also love seeing outfit, fashion, hone decor and makeup pictures. Obviously convention pictures/videos are some of my favorites.

How often do you post? Although I check Instagram daily, I personally only post maybe once or twice a week. I just do not feel that my day to day life is interesting enough to capture every moment. Sometimes I even try to force myself to find something to post.

How often do you check Instagram? I check Instagram about three times a day on a work day and, probably, six times on my off days. If I am following a convention hashtag, however, I tend to check more often! I just love endlessly scrolling through convention pictures.

What’s your favorite filter? Oh this is easy: Valencia. I wish I could find other amazing editing apps in the Google Play Store, but I feel they are lacking. If anyone has suggestions, comment below.

iPhone only, purist or rebel? Rebel, I suppose. I have an Android. I started out Instagram with an iPhone but switched operating systems last year and, honestly, have no plans of switching back.

Three favorite IG accounts currently?

1. @girl_gone_geek – Jamila is my spirit animal. Not only is she amazing , she is truly an inspiration. She’s pretty, geeky, and such a source of sunshine. I love her instagram for giving me such an insight into the snapshots of her life.

2. @princessology – I am so blessed to consider Chaka my friend. Her instagram is such a look into her fabulous world of Texas brunch, lipstick, and cosplay. Chaka is forging her own empire in my eyes so I highly suggest giving her a follow so you can watch it happen.

3. @SWOOZIE06 – A true inspiration, I can not believe Adande is a friend of mine. He is hilarious and a go-getter. I would love to be him when I grow up. Follow his instagram (and youtube!) for a look into celebrity status with a humble attitude.

4. @itsrainingneon – Because I can never follow the rules, I had one more I wanted to share. I try not to be a “fan” of cosplayers because I am a cosplayer myself and we all sew our costumes one seam at a time. But Deanna…I would probably be considered a fan. She is phenomenal so follow for some awesome costumes and videos full of personality.

The three people that I tag to do this post are @girlgonegeek, @sprinklesandbooze, and @gorgeousingrey (the last two have amazing instagram accounts as well so they are definitely in my top insta accounts).




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