We Are Groot – ‘Guardians’ Converts A Hipster

“So are you gonna be one of those fans?” My friend said to me as we sat down to watch the newest Marvel movie. There was a ton of hype surrounding it and I was scared of what this meant for my beloved characters. Yes, I am a Guardians of the Galaxy hipster. I begun following this misfit group a couple of years ago before I knew they were getting a live action movie.


Prior to discovering the Guardians, I was primarily a DC Comics reader. Nothing against Marvel, but I found their comics convoluted and boring. The movies were great but I steered clear of their section in my comic book store. Then, someone gave me a Guardians comic. It changed me. These characters were interesting and fun. Their adventures were captivating and their witty quips engaged me a lot more then anything I had previously read.

So sitting in that theater was a nerve wrecking experience. These were my characters. These other people did not know them like I knew them. The contagious hype that had been circulating was like an annoying gnat. Propelled from obscurity to the spotlight, the Guardians were taking center stage in the MCU. I was petrified what this meant.


“Yes. I am.” I replied to my friend as we shared nachos.

“Are you a hipster?” He jokingly said to me.

And, in truth, I am. I can not accept change. I can not accept my beloved team becoming household names like Captain America and Iron Man. But from the moment Star Lord started dancing before the title pops up, I could only utter one word: perfect.

Because, truly, this could not been handled better. The characters were so well done and the story was easy enough for everyone to follow. For a relatively “obscure” team, they managed to rake in 94 million bucks opening weekend. The numbers seem staggering to me – the hipster, who did not think this would go over well at all. How could it? The entire crew was made up of strange characters who put themselves in strange situations.


The appeal of the Guardians for me had always been the fact that they were different and unique. A connoisseur of the eclectic, I am much more likely to read a comic or play a game that is strange. Our fictional skies are filled with flying Boy Scouts and do gooders which has always led me to seek out those a bit more unusual. (I grew up on Spawn!) Marvel did not really have what I wanted until I met Rocket, Groot, Gamora, Drax, and Star Lord.

No movie is without sin. Guardians of the Galaxy had quite a few misses. It was not entirely accurate to the comics and I am one of few that felt Thano’s looked weird. The villian was forgettable which is a consistent problem with the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

However I am pleased with the success of this film and await it’s sequel patiently. I am a converted hipster.



2 responses to “We Are Groot – ‘Guardians’ Converts A Hipster

  1. I think the best thing about this movie was, it didn’t really matter if you knew who they were. You didn’t need to know anything about the previous MCU movies. Anyone could walk in and enjoy a good, funny, space filled movie. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

    If you haven’t picked up the new Rocket Raccoon comic by Skottie Young, you should! It’s great!

    • I agree that was the best part! I am glad that the movie probably introduced my favorite team to a wider audience. I was just so worried when it was first announced. Sometimes, I am that hipster fan who does not want to share haha. It kind of helps that my favorite superhero is Batman who is INSANELY popular so I can’t really be a hipster but when I have obscure characters that I love I always fear when they get so much light shed on them.

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