E3 2014 – Sony Announcements!


Uncharted 4.

Ok. Blog over.

Seriously, how about that Uncharted 4 teaser trailer! There was no question that leading up to one of the biggest gaming events of the year that I was excited to hear anything related to Uncharted. After the super tease Sony gave us towards the end of last year, anything that would give me more information about my favorite male protagonist had me salivating. It was a given there would be something about U4 at the show so that was not a surprise, but the trailer gave just enough to keep fans excited till the (vague) 2015 release.

An older, married, and handsome Nathan Drake with a foreboding voice over by Sully? Yes please! Uncharted is a phenomenal series so I will be watching the development of this game closely.

The other announcement that had me excited was LittleBigPlanet 3. The amount of Sackboy plushies populating my room is unhealthy. However, this was not really a surprise announcement. LBP is one of Sony’s biggest, exclusive franchises and it was really time for the third one to come. The game has a November release window and features two companion characters by the name of Oddsock and Swoop. This latest entry is said to be Sony’s “biggest handcrafted adventure”.


Then, there was the new trailer for The Order: 1886. Ever since last E3 I have wanted more information about this game! It had been one of my most anticipated titles as I seek out new IPs to play. A disappointing gameplay trailer was released a few weeks ago, but this new trailer gets my hype all over again.



2 responses to “E3 2014 – Sony Announcements!

  1. Yeah, Sony really blew MS out of the water again in terms of games. And can we talk about No Man’s Sky for a minute? Hot damn that game looks cool.

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