Pull List Picks: April 2014

Lately, I have been going to my comic book store nearly weekly. It is a safe haven filled with colorful art, impressive toys, and fantastic reading material. As Spiderman hangs from the ceiling and shelves line the walls, I find the escape that I am often looking for. I have decided to share some of my recent purchases! Maybe this will give you an idea of what to put on your own pull list.

Harley Quinn Issues 2 & 3

Although I am still as unsure about this series as I was from the first issue (review here), I continue to pick it up because it’s Harley Quinn! Many hardcore fans of the clown princess of crime are very vocal about how DC Comics is handling her character in this post-reboot era. As much as I love the character, I have yet to get to the point where I am so dissatisfied that I will abandon her. Although I do not find this series particularly interesting, I still love seeing Harley Quinn grace the covers and inside pages of her own comic.


Sandman Overture Issue 2

Comic fans have been waiting months for this! After a hiatus in publishing, the second issue finally released on this beautiful new Sandman series. Sandman Overture proves that comics are art. J.H Williams III beautiful art floats along the pages without the restriction of panels making him my favorite artist in the comic industry. Neil Gaiman’s story accompanies these paintings seamlessly. I can not gush about this comic enough…Check out my friend Jamila’s reaction to the comic over on Girl Gone Geek!


Damian Son of Batman Issue 3

The penultimate issue of Damian’s story, Son of Batman is a great story by Andy Kubert with Damian Wayne taking mainstage. We all know how torn up I still am about Damian’s demise, so I was very quick to jump on this 4 issue story. The animated movie (which has nothing to do with this particular comic run but everything to do with my favorite comic book character) is releasing on May 6. I can never get enough of Damian! Issue 3 gives readers a view of a future Damian that we have seen in previous comics. This Damian has taken the cowl of Batman and there may be a talking cat involved that makes me question the psychois of Bruce’s son.


Batman Eternal Issue 1

The newest Batman series is Batman Eternal by Scott Snyder. There are very few people that I consider Batexperts when it comes to taking the helm of Gotham’s finest. Snyder is one of them. He has become a very prolific Batman writer which probably led me to be quite disappointed in this first issue. Perhaps I expected too much. That is not to say this issue did not give me everything that I want as a Batfan. Batman teaming up with Commissioner Gordan. Explosions. I am just wondering why why why is Professor Pyg becoming such a major villian in this rebooted DC world! I am not particularly fond of him because he is pretty much a one note villian who does the same thing. Other then that, Eternal seems very promising.


East of West Issue 11

One of my Best of 2013, East of West continues to be amazing. I love the complexities of the story, the political intrique, and the unique characters. Hickman and Dragotta have created such a wonderful world that I love getting engrossed in each issue. If you haven’t atleast attempted to read this, why not! It is fantastic.


The Bounce Issues 10 & 11

Another of my staple picks is The Bounce. I do not really remember how I fell in love with this comic, but ever since the first issue it has been on my list. I faithfully pick it up in earnest. The main character is so different then what we think of the average super hero and I also love liberties that are taken with the term “super hero”. He has super powers. He does some heroic deeds. But Jasper is also human.



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