PAX South is Happening!

There were rumors floating around that Penny Arcade was going to further their territory by forging a new convention in the southern parts of the United States. Orlando,  Atlanta, and somewhere in Texas were all thrown around as potential habitats for the juggernaut of public gaming expos to continue growing their kingdom. Somewhere in Texas won out and that somewhere is San Antonio.


I can’t pretend that having PAX South come closer to me (like Orlando or Atlanta) would not have been amazing, but I am just excited about yet another PAX event to go to. And, yes, I will be going. Following instagram hashtags of PAX East last weekend was probably the most motivational task I could have done to get my blood pumping and heart beating towards another attempt at a PAX event (my last was PAX East in 2012).

PAX South will take place January 23 – 25 at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center. I had the pleasure of visiting this convention center when I went to the Gamestop Managers Conference in 2012. San Antonio is gorgeous.  It remains the best place I have ever visited. The Riverwalk is beautiful during the day and magical at night.  Sightseeing downtown was one of my fondest travel memories since I took the initiative to do it alone and not rely on a group. Sometimes, traveling alone can be therapeutic.  I am excited to return to San Antonio!


So, when can we expect to see passes go on sale since they will inevitably sell out? Since PAX Prime passes have yet to go on sale, I imagine PAX South passes will go on sale around August/September. East passes typically pop on the scene around October/November. I have some general plans to attend both South and East, however South is taking priority.

Costume plans are already taking place because I often find myself staring into space imagining certain outfits on my body. Nothing is set in stone (obviously) but I will probably fix up Mad Moxxi. I’m also thinking about doing Vi from League of Legends in her Officer skin.



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