‘Age of Ultron’ Concept Art, Ant Man, and Assembling a Universe

Instead of a new Agents of SHIELD, Marvel decided to give fans a taste of how they have built their cinematic universe. Starting with the first Iron Man and ending with concept art of future projects, the special spanned all of Marvel’s forays into live action eyegasms. I watched the special along with most of twitter (check out the #MarvelAssemble hashtag to see how the #blerd community geeked out about it) and it managed to excite me even more about the MCU.


It is no secret that I would rather pick up a Batman comic then anything with Marvel stamped on it, but nothing comes close to the MCU with their fantastic movies that are all connected. In my opinion, this is the single greatest movie event of all time. There are three phases planned with the movies being well into the second Phase. That is a lot of interconnected movies, shorts, and television shows.

The most exciting revelation last night was new concept footage of Avengers 2: Age of Ultron which is slated to hit theatres next year. Also, brief shots of Ant Man, the first movie in Phase 3.

marvel01Two words. Hulkbuster Armor. After seeing a form of this armor make an appearence in Iron Man 3, it was only a manner of time before Tony had to don the armor against the angry green giant.

marvel02Concept art of Quicksilver. Aaron Taylor-Johnson will be playing Pietro Maximoff, the super fast speedster and twin brother to Scarlet Witch.

marvel03Concept Art of Scarlet Witch. Elizabeth Olsen will be playing Wanda Maximoff, twin sister to Pietro with telekinetic abilities. Might I add that her concept art costume is very cute!

marvel04Concept art of Hulk and Black Widow

antman01A look at Ant-Man, Marvel’s first “Phase 3” film with a release date of July 17, 2015

antman03I am very interested to see how well Ant-Man translates to the big screen

(all images are owned by Marvel)



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