How “Boys Over Flowers” Was My Gateway Drug to Korean Drama

There is one manner of media that I have avoided successfully until now – Korean Dramas. An all-consuming beast,  it seemed to devour whoever watched it and I was busy with other things like Japanese anime, British television, and whatever America decides to produce. Korean dramas seemed addictive as I watched friend after friend succumb to their charming wiles. Being in their clutches was not an option.

Until now.
I’m hooked.


Boys Over Flowers is a 2009 Korean Drama focusing on a girl named JanDi who gets a scholarship to the prestigious Shinhwa High School after stopping a student from committing suicide. During her time at the school, she tames four boys (known as F4) with her strong will and optimistic personality. Through all the tribulations that JanDi and the other cast endure, the show is a true definition of D-R-A-M-A. At its heart, however,  the show forms a heart filled romance and giving all to help it succeed.


Emotions elicited from watching the show ran a gauntlet from happy to sad to angry – all in an episode! Each of the 25 episodes spanning JanDi’s Junior/Senior years at the school was able to evoke a wide range of feelings which had me running back to the next episode like a masochist of the heart. Another reason why I fell in love right along with the characters was the focus on romance and not on sex. Often I feel a lot of the live action drama shows confuse love with sex. Their relationships seem a bit more shallow when they hop in different beds constantly.  While I love watching drama-type romance shows from my own country, there is always that ever-present element of sex further proving that ‘sex sells’ and romance is dead. As a hopeless romantic, I love seeing these types of relationships unfold that seem more real in my opinion.

Immediately after finishing the final episode, I ran to twitter to ask for other recommendations.  Korean Drama has me now. It won’t let go. I need to watch more. I want to experience those feelings over and over and…



2 responses to “How “Boys Over Flowers” Was My Gateway Drug to Korean Drama

  1. The first Korean Drama I got sucked into was “My Sassy Girlfriend”. A guy in Iraq was watching it while I was heading back to my rack. It was funny at first and then it got super serious and then it got a little funny before approaching the ending (which I will not spoil for you)

    I heard about another one called “Love is in the Stars”, but I never had the opportunity to check it out. Heard it was popular in China. It’s about an alien who has been living on Earth for 500 years and just happens to fall in love with a Korean Pop Idol. I can’t seem to find it online anywhere though. Let me know if you find any websites that show episodes.

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