BioWare Releases Dragon Age Character Kits

Working in the gaming industry can be a challenging experience. There are many facets to your favorite game companies and one that I feel contributes solely to the fans is community management. There was recently a Community Management Appreciation day for those hardworking CMs can feel some love. Lets face it – the community can be down right harsh at times when it comes to a particular game or fandom. The CMs want to keep you happy and excited. As an aspiring CM, I can only hope to provide that happiness. I want to be the link between the consumers and the company.

And I love when Studios get it right.


BioWare has recently released the first Dragon Age: Inquisition Character Kit featuring Morrigan’s stunning ballgown from the upcoming game. Community Manager Jessica Merizan (and also cast member of SyFy’s Heroes of Cosplay), recently wrote on the BioWare blog about how BioWare wanted to give artists, cosplayers, and other creative hopefuls high resolution of their characters. Front. Back. Side. Side. Miniscule details. This is amazing. 


Often it is hard to write about, draw, or make a costume based on a character because the reference images are so hard to come by. One of my favorite things is when you find turn-around images of characters. This, however, seems to be much more a common practice amongst Japanese RPGs then any other manner of game.

Thank you, BioWare!


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