REVIEW: ‘Pupa’ Ruins Your Appeitite


Utsutsu Hasegawa and his sister, Yume, have it rough. Abusive father. Neglectful mother. Infected with a weird virus that makes their relationship a lot more symbiotic than necessary.

Pupa is the anime adaptation of the 5 volume manga series by the same name. The horror manga/anime series follows the Hasegawa sibling pair after the effects of a virus (known as Pupa) infects them both differently. Utsutsu gains regenerative powers while his darling little sister gains an insatiable desire for flesh. Since Utsutsu is such a caring older brother, he allows his sister to feed on him.


Pupa episodes are 4 minutes long making them easy to digest quickly, however the anime certainly suffers from the extremely short running time of its episodes. The complex story is told out-of-order which can be quite confusing with the episode lengths considering five of these episodes equal one entire episode of an average anime running time. With seven episodes out, the story is finally forming albeit slowly.

Although the story telling may be lacking, the animation is remarkble. Stunning watercolors splash the backgrounds while traditional art forms the characters. The anime feels like the handdrawn manga pages have just been colored and animated. Particularly disturbing scenes with Yume feeding on her brother seem sensual and incenstral. It. Is. weird.


With 4 minute long episodes, Pupa is easy to check out to see if you want to partake in this disturbing series…I find it hard to not click on the next episode when they are so short. Waiting a week for a new episode is never satisfying with the short length of the episodes, however. At least it is intriquing enough to check out the manga to learn more.

You can watch Pupa over on Crunchyroll.


2 responses to “REVIEW: ‘Pupa’ Ruins Your Appeitite

  1. I’ve been wondering about this one. There was no info with the crunchyroll listing but the pv seemed sort of fascinating… not sure I’ll be able to stomach it but meh… probably seen worse.

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