Marvel’s Promotion of “Guardians” is Smart (and exciting!)

Guardians of the Galaxy is actually going to be a thing on the big screens. This makes me very emotional!

It is known knowledge that I am not really all that savvy to Marvel as far as their published comics go. I am much more a fan of Batman and anything Image puts out. I have been trying extra hard to discover some titles that I actually like from Marvel (hey there, Deadpool), but I love spending time in Gotham City.

In comes the Guardians.


I first discovered this misfit team a couple of years ago when an ex-boyfriend insisted that I read them. If he was good for anything it was definitely introducing me to some awesome stuff. I instantly became a fan. Fastforward to the announcement that Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be made into a movie in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Highly skeptical, I just could never picture this ever happening. A talking raccoon and sentinent tree get into a movie before DC/Warner Brothers makes a Wonder Woman film!? Blashphemy! But, here we are in 2014 and the movie is coming out in August!


Marvel has been on the ball with their promotion of this film. After releasing the first full length trailer they have steadily released an onslaught of other videos and news about the upcoming film. This is smart. Very, very smart. This is further proof that Marvel really gets it when it comes to films and marketing. Many people are not familar with the Guardians at all. You can not walk up to an average person and expect them to know who Gamora is. Or Drax. Or even Starlord. Even some that call themselves a geek may not know who they are and that is perfectly fine. Marvel knows this and they are using this to make some kickass promotional videos to drum up hype for their summer blockbuster.

This has been my most anticipated Marvel film yet. I am not that big a fan of the Avengers. It has always been about the Guardians for me.



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