2014 Costume Planning!

 A bit of soul searching had to be done about cosplay recently. Why do I cosplay? What do I really want to cosplay? Where do I like to cosplay? So on. So forth. The truth is that I LOVE anime costumes. I have been fooling myself for these past few years! Anime costumes never get any love outside of – well – anime cons. And I do not like anime cons. 

Do you see my dilemma?

While I really love comic books, anime characters and their designs inspire me far more then most comic book characters. My unwritten rule of only wearing costumes that ft the genre of the convention has to be thrown out the window or I will never ever get to cosplay who I want! There are still some comic book costumes that I would love to make, but I really do want to return back to my roots of cosplaying anime and video game characters.

I have plenty of costumes planned – too many, actually. Here are four that I really want to get done this year!


Nonon Jakuzure is from the currently airing anime Kill La Kill. I’ve already done a post about wanting to cosplay Nonon and the costume is currently in progress. I really have this thing for ridiculous headwear lately because the other costume I am working on is…


…Lady Loki from the Marvel Universe. After watching Thor: The Dark World last year, I became a Loki fan. I loved the way the film handled the character. The protrayl of Loki was inspiring enough for me to gravitate towards cosplaying the trickster. Extensive research has been going into this costume including fabric choices. I found the perfect fabric. Problem: it was in Los Angeles. Despair ran through me as I searched tirelessly for the creator of the particular Loki costume to ask about the fabric. After finding her, she said she would send me the fabric! I also have my friend J. Danger’s Cosplays making my headpiece. The mere planning of this costume has restored all my faith in the cosplay community as being a place for artists to colloborate and help each other out.


Mirai Kuriyama is from the anime Beyond the Boundary. My favorite part about this anime is the amazing storytelling method used over the duration of the twelve episodes. I am a big fan of non-linear type stories. With so many anime using the twelve episode method, BtB stands out to me because of the way it’s story is told. Enough about that, though. I will be reviewing the anime this week.

cosplay04Finally, Angela from Spawn. This costume is one of about four costumes that cycle to my list each year (the others are Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw Star, Blue Rose from Tiger & Bunny, and Harley Quinn from Batman). If I do not get to the costumes during the year, I just cycle them to next year. Maybe one day I will actually get them done. Anyway, being Angela would make seven year old Jessica very happy. Spawn was my favorite comic for the majority of my childhood. It was one of the only comics I actually followed (as well as Archie comics). I love the classic, Spawn universe Angela way more then the recent Marvel Angela. The classic version has so many details that make for an impressive costume. This is planned for Dragon*con – as it is every year. The task seems daunting, however, which intimidates me and causes me to drop the costume every year. Crossing fingers for this year!




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