‘Son of Batman’ trailer – YES PLEASE


There is no bigger Damian Wayne fan than me as evidenced in my ode to him earlier last year (caution, spoilers under the link). It has often felt like I have watched Damian grow as I consumed any and every storyline about Bruce Wayne’s surprise son by Talia Al Ghul. If you are just as surprised that Bruce has a son as he was – well, DC Comics is going to help you out with that. Their next animated movie is ‘Son of Batman’ and focuses on the Grant Morrison story arc introducing the precocious Damian who takes up the mantle of Robin to fight alongside his father.


Damian is a tough character to love, but has tremondous character growth throughout the comics where he is featured. His intellect and training is only matched by his own father. However, I could be biased. It took me awhile to fall under Damian’s spell, but when I fell it was hard. He has managed to become my favorite character in Gotham City (sorry, Harley) and quite possibly my favorite character in comic book history (sorry, Spawn).

This movie will be in all our grubby little hands later this spring on DVD, Blu Ray, and Digital Download. Lucky attendees to Anahiem’s Wondercon can feast their eyes on a special, world premiere showing over Easter Weekend.


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