REVIEW: ‘Samurai Flamenco’ Slow Climb is Worth the Wait

“Whether it’s reality or fiction, superheroes aren’t what I thought.”  Masayoshi Hazama

Amusement park rides are generally the same in the sense that they start off slow. There is always this build up whether it be a long climb up the first hill of a roller coaster or a carousel making it’s first turn. Either way, there is just this slow ascension before the fun truly begins. Samurai Flamenco is a ride and you should be along for it.


To say this anime starts off slow is an understatement. It is so slow that it barely seems to be moving. Masayoshi Hazama is a model by day and a hapless superhero by night. After an accidental encounter with police officer Goto, they become friends. Goto even aids Masayoshi in his delusional dreams of being a superhero. Mostly he gets beat up by the ‘bad guys’ who have committed very minor ‘crimes’ such as jaywalking.

But this is only the beginning.

As the episodes go on and more characters come into play, Samurai Flamenco transforms much like a hero in a phone booth. The ride reaches it’s peak, tips over the edge, and plummets along the track. If viewers can just stick with it, they are surely to not be disappointed.


The show is far from perfect, however. It sacrifices it’s strong characters to help aid the growth of Masayoshi. Watching him achieve what he sets out to do is great, but those surrounding him are already great characters that do not need to be demoted whenever he learns something new or his character develops. As a viewer, I would like to see all characters develop in their own ways. It seems the show does not handle all of its characters well. The story could be a bit ambitious for what they want to accomplish.

Samurai Flamenco is an endearing climb that sends you reeling at the climax. From then on it keeps you on your toes wondering what will happen next. Fans of classic sentai and tokusatsu will certainly appreciate what this anime is doing. I recommend it if you can get past the slow ascent. There are probably many surprises still in store. I am forseeing a big WTF reveal any episode now.



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