Butterfly’s Best of 2013

This year was chock full of amazing things. From film to television. Comics to books. Video games…lots of video games. It is damn near impossible to decide what “wins” as being the best because, honestly, we the people are who win. Creators, actors, developers and the like were pumping out memorable work.

Game of the Year: Bioshock Infinite
I truly did not have to think about this. This has been my game of the year since March! That in itself is a testament to how much I enjoyed zipping around the floating faux utopia of Columbia. With so many amazing games to release this year, Bioshock Infinite reached deeper into me then any other. Beautiful settings, interesting story…it’s all I really need and want from my games. [Read my review here!]


Honorable Mention: Ni No Kuni Wrath of the White Witch and Pokemon X/Y
The early part of 2013 was just releasing all the games that I absolutely love! Ni No Kuni came out in January! As a JRPG fan, there was no way this PS3 exclusive was not going to be mentioned as one of my favorite games this year. It helps that it is stunning with its bright colors and joyful cast of characters. [Read my review here!]

Pokemon X/Y (released in October) was such a progressive change to the series while maintaining all the elements that makes the series phenomenal. It has also introduced me to my new favorite Pokemon – the cute Fairy type Sylveon! [Read about my Pokemon dream team here!]


Comic Series of the Year: Saga
I’ve gone back and forth about which comic should hold this title. Between this and the honorable mention, it was a tough choice. I went with Saga despite not enjoying the direction recent issues have gone in because issues 1 through 12 were flawless in my eyes. This is probably the most talked about series of the year. More and more of my friends have gotten into it.

Honorable Mention: East of West
This is clearly my favorite comic as of right now as it edges out Saga by having a complex and interesting story that it has managed to maintain over its current eight issues. Not only is it a wonderful mix of sci-fi and western, it has an immense presence and effect on me while reading it. The art is gorgeous. The story is intriguing.

Basically,  Image Comics is killing it.  They win publisher of the year – hands down.

best05 best06

Anime of the Year: Shingeki no Kyoji/Attack on Titan

Did you have to ask? Every year there is that one anime that everybody is talking about and cosplaying from. Attack on Titan was this years big anime. I was completely enthralled in it from the get go. With traumatic loss and humanity of the brink of extinction, this anime turned the humans into prey for gigantic humanoid titans. Each episode grabbed me – not letting me go. And that OPENING THEME. It is the most motivational theme I have heard and instills fury in me to be productive.


Honorable Mention: The Labyrinth of Magi and Psycho Pass

Personally, there were so many anime that I loved this year including Free, but I felt that I was most interested in following Magi more then anything. I adore anime with a large cast of characters and Magi sure has that. I felt the series started off slow, but by episode seven I was hooked. The second season is currently airing and I am still hooked on it. My favorite character is Hakuryu because he is so darn cute. 

Psycho Pass fufilled my sci-fi fangirl quite well. What I feel is a highly underrated anime, it had a great story and wonderful characters. There are more then a few episodes that have provided some haunting, memorable scenes and I feel that if a person wants an anime that is a bit more subtle with a gripping science fiction crime story then this should not be passed up. [read my review here!]


Book of the Year: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
Although not published in 2013, I finally managed to grab this book. I am glad I did because it has managed to edge out Order of the Phoenix as my favorite book…of all time. Cline paints a wonderful world and weaves an incredible story. I am going to reread this book when the new year comes in. I am going to reread this book until my copy falls apart and then I’m going to purchase a new copy to repeat the process.

Honorable Mention: Clockwork Princess by Cassandra Clare
It would be wrong to not mention a book published in 2013, but don’t think for one second that is the only reason I am mentioning this book. As the final book in The Infernal Devices trilogy, Clockwork Princess is an amazing read. This is all linked to the Mortal Instruments series by Clare, but is a prequel set in Victorian England. This book is an emotional read for fans as it ties up the storyline while connecting us to Mortal Instruments.

best07 best08

TV series of the Year: Doctor Who
Honestly, I watched so much TV this year and all of it was great. Game of Thrones, Sleepy Hollow, Supernatural…no matter if the series was new or just a new season there was so much great television this year. Doctor Who, however, had the best year ever. Series 7.2 gave more insight into companion Clara, the 50th Anniversary was spectacular, and there may have been a new Doctor. I, along with many, hope for 50 more awesome years with our favorite time traveling alien. [Lots of Doctor Who posts to read!]

Honorable Mention: Breaking Bad
Although I would not call myself a huge fan of this show, I can appreciate good television and the impact it has on its viewers. The ending of Breaking Bad effected so many. I watched it and…wow. It has to be mentioned – no ifs, ands or buts.

best09 best10

Movie of the Year: Elysium
Many movies release every year. There is no other manner of entertainment that seems to be the most varied. We can all agree (for the most part) about the best games of the year or comics, but movies seem to be all over the place. My personal favorite was Elysium. This movie had me in its grip the moment I saw the first trailer. I thought it was nothing short of amazing. I still find myself thinking about this movie, analyzing it and the messages I felt it gave.

Honorable Mention: Man of Steel
This was tough to choose. Thor The Dark World, Pacific Rim, Catching Fire and many more…but I loved the visual story Man of Steel gave me. There are many mixed feelings of this movie, but I loved it. I must note that I usually love Snyder’s style of film (regardless if I like the story ala Sucker Punch) so that certainly aided in my enjoyment of this. [read about some Man of Steel controversy here!]

Matt Damon;Jose Pablo Cantillo best12


5 responses to “Butterfly’s Best of 2013

  1. Ah man, I need to finish Ni no Kuni, it’s just getting the time to play it that’s the issue and I really want to go full-hog/completionist mode on it. Really enjoyed it as I was playing – and doing a lot of level grinding – so hopefully I can get back to that one soon.

    Love Saga! Really need to catch up on issues of the series. Image are always a go-to in my books, but the comics that they have been publishing over the last few years or so have truly been top notch stuff.

    Glad to find someone that digs Man of Steel. It has gotten so much hate (a lot of it which is unjustified) and proves the point that the masses, or at least film critics, don’t understand the character of Superman. I was pretty irked reading about the critisisms being that it was ‘too dark’ or ‘too Batman-like’. Superman in the comics isn’t like what it was in the ’30s, he has changed drastically over the years and that shows in the film.

    Sounds like a good year for you on the creative front and Ready Player One has been on my to-read list on Amazon for far too long, need to pick that one up as soon as!

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