Thank You, Matt Smith


The Christmas Special is this week. That means…one thing.

Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who.

The Doctor has the power of regeneration whenever he is near death. Fans have known for a while that Smith would be leaving the show and replaced with actor Peter Capaldi. We then learned that this would all happen in the Christmas special. Having stayed away from any news or rumors to keep myself from inadvertently being spoiled, I only have a few assumptions all of which are quite tragic and sad. Leave it to tumblr to make the most out of such am event.


The hashtag #ThankYouMattSmith has the DW community spreading good luck messages to the actor and reminiscing about his time wearing a bow tie. This is a rather heartfelt, severely emotional campaign that I must contribute to. So here is my very own Thank You to my favorite Doctor.


Dear Matt Smith,

You feel like my first Doctor. My first foray into this strange and satisfactory world through time and space. Of course, you weren’t my first. A person always remembers their first. But you are my doctor. As a country girl with a sense of wonder and an incredibly insatiable bout of waunderlust, you are the Doctor I would travel with. If the TARDIS landed in my yard as it did with a young Amelia Pond, I would drop everything to travel with you. I feel that you are one of my best friends. I feel protective over you. I feel that we would get along so well…


The regeneration conceit of Doctor Who is what keeps the show going. We all knew this would end…you as the Doctor. We all knew that one day, you would be replaced. Actually, “replaced” is a bad term for you can never be replaced as no actor that has held this mantle has been. I can always go back to The Eleventh Hour and watch you all over again…immerse myself in the story lines.

But you are not just the Doctor, Matt. Even outside of the tweed coat and bow tie, you are such a humble and remarkable person. The nicest person.

Whatever your next endeavors will be, I know that the entire fandom wishes you much luck.

Raggedy Man…

Eleventh Doctor…

Thank you, Matt Smith. Geronimo.



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