Black Milk takes on the Dark Knight

Black Milk Clothing is an amazing brand using printed nylon to create fantastic leggings, dresses, skirts and more. From Adventure Time to Star Wars. From historical prints to far out art. Black Milk has brought so many fandoms into clothing while also giving eclectic prints and a way for amazing people to show their personality through clothing. That is what clothing and fashion is all about: expression. Recently, the company celebrated four years! They celebrated their birthday with a fabulous party. There was also a special little surprise at the party…


Black Milk is releasing a Batman collection.

If you have yet to notice, I am one of the biggest Batman fans you will find. I devour anything Batman related. My graphic novel collection is primarily Batman. In the Marvel vs DC debate…I never say either. I always say Batman. To me, Batman is the end all, be all of comics. Sure, I read other comics, but my heart belongs to Gotham. I have been excited for several collections that Black Milk has offered including Harry Potter and Adventure Time. But nothing, nothing has prepared me (or my wallet) for a Batman Black Milk collection. Currently we only have sneak peaks of Girlfriend Tees and Swimsuits, but I am sure that there will be leggings. There are always leggings.

Normally, I do not like GFTs, but consider this Poison Ivy GFT my first girlfriend tee purchase. It is gorgeous and will perfect at the many comic conventions that I will be attending in 2014.

The collection is rumored to be out in February.

blackmilkbatman02 blackmilkbatman03


blackmilkbatman04Photos courtesy of Black Milk Clothing




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