My Top New Who (Multi Part) Episodes

I can almost hear the Tardis landing in my back yard ready to whisk me off to an amazing adventure. It is a dream I share with many fans. If The Doctor ever gave me the opportunity, I would jump in the T.A.R.D.I.S without question. That is the magic of Doctor Who. It eases my insatiable bout of wanderlust with every episode while keeping me highly interested.

Yesterday, I shared my favorite episodes that stand alone, but there are some episodes who have stories that can not just be told in a single episode. Doctor Who has several multi-part episodes throughout its continuity. As usual, I am far more knowledgable about the newer Who episodes which have a variety of multi-parters that are incredible. *caution: slight spoilers to these episodes because they are two parters and it is difficult to talk about the first one without its conclusion* 

dw01The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (S2,E 8/9) – The Doctor and Rose Tyler find themselves on a planet that is orbiting a black hole. This absolutely stumps the Doctor so he does as he always does: investigates. A spaceship’s crew is also on this planet and they are drilling towards a power source they do not know anything about. This was the first two-part episode I ever saw. It was shown to me after I watched Gridlock (which I mentioned yesterday as the first episode of DW I ever watched). This episode also introduced me to one of my dw02favorite Doctor Who aliens, the Ood. Upon first viewing, these episodes were quite scary. There is a Beast here that looks like Christianity’s version of Satan. It is possessing the Ood and some of the human crew. I felt that this episode and two I mentioned yesterday (Midnight and God Complex) were very “horror” type episodes. These hyper intense episodes are very interesting because you remain on the edge of your seat till the very conclusion. Since this is a two parter, it fleshed out the story more which is a very, very good thing. Some multi episodes can leave you feeling as if it could be done in one part. I never really felt that way about this one. It kept my interest and left me wanting more at the end of The Impossible Planet. The Doctor facing “Satan” was such a dynamic moment in the entirety of Doctor Who.

dw05The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon (S6, E 1/2) – Silence Will Fall. How intense does that sound? I was so excited for this season of Doctor Who. My anticipation for it was impalpable after seeing previews and trailers. I mentioned that I loved the Ood in the last paragraph. I really do. But there is something about the Silence that…oh wait? What was I dw06saying? The Silence are a race of aliens that make those that have seen them forget about them as soon as they turn away. This turns into a story arc that transcends these two episodes and actually started before them (in the season 5  premiere). Season companions Amy and Rory Williams along with time traveler River Song are summoned to Utah where they witness the Doctor being killed by an Astronaut. Mourning his death, they then meet up with a younger Doctor. This then turns into an elaborate story line that involves the United States government in 1969 and the mystery surrounding the Astronaut. This entire story arc is probably one of my favorites in Doctor Who and I owe that idea to these two episodes. They were so interesting to me and have sequences in them that were well-done and chilling.

dw03The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances (S1, E 9/10) – Ever go to a convention and see kid’s in gas makes touting the phrase “Are you my Mummy?” That is a Doctor Who reference from this two part episode. The Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler find themselves in 1941 London where a mysterious, strange child wearing a gas mask has been terrorizing the city. With 7.11 million dw04views in the UK on first airing, this episode has been said to be the best of the series by critics. It also won the 2006 Hugo award for Best Dramatic Presentation in Short Form. If that does not convince you to check it out, then what else would. This is a fantastic episode with amazing performances from the cast. It also depicts the London Blitz which occured during World War II. Captain Jack Harkness, a fan favorite character, first appeared in this episode. He become such a great recurring character throughout the new Doctor Who that he was granted his own spin-off series, Torchwood (which is amazing!). The creepiest part of this episode was when human’s heads started morphing into gas masks. I can still picture that vividly.

dw07The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang (S5, E 12/13) – Including finales almost seems like cheating, but how could I not? Finale two-part episodes are usually amazing since they are trying to end the series…usually with a Big Bang (lame joke, I know.) It is probably evident howdw08 much I enjoy the Eleventh Doctor’s storylines as this season 5 finale and the season 6 premiere both made this list. The Eleventh, Amy, and Rory are summoned to ancient Roman occupied Britian to Stonehenge. A mythical prison called the Pandorica which is rumored to contain the Universes most fearsome being is below Stonehenge. Just like the empty child, this was viewed by 7.57 million and also receieved the Hugo Award for Best Dramatic Presentation in Short Form. (HELLO DOCTOR WHO IS AMAZING IF YOU HAVE YET TO GUESS.) The Big Bang was the climax to Amy Pond’s first story arc and features one of my favorite sequences. It bounces back and forth through time seamlessly and only attentive watchers will be able to keep up with it.

dw09The End of Time Part 1/Part 2 – So, I am definitely cheating adding End of Time, but I am throwing everything out the window. The End of Time is actually a Doctor Who special. It is an epic, epic, EPIC special. It is huge and envokes so many emotions. It has a super, oversized cast including nearly (if not all) the characters that had been in the new Doctor Who so far. The Doctor learns that his arch-nemesis, The Master, will return. A cult devoted to The Master dw10resurrects him, but, due to sabotage, the Master comes back a little less then perfect. Pretty soon, the Master creates a “Master Race” where all humans look and think like him with very limited exceptions. What really made me like this special is that it features nearly everyone. We get to see what they have been doing since their adventures with the Doctor and also get to see a giant teamup with past and present companions. I am a girl that loves crossovers so it was only right for me to really enjoying seeing all the Ninth/Tenth generation companions and characters coming together, meeting each other, and whatnot. Plus, this special has the regeneration scene which was incredible, but also terribly heartbreaking as the Tenth Doctor says “I don’t want to go…” before he is violently turned into the Eleventh Doctor.

So, there you have it. My favorite two part episodes.

Tomorrow I will bring you my Favorite Doctor Who Villians. Thursday, My Favorite Doctor Who Side Characters. Friday, My Favorite Classic Doctor Who episodes. The 50th Anniversary Special is upon us! Exciting!


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