Playstation Memories

On the cusp of a new generation, it is only right to reflect on where Playstation has come  in my life. There is no other company I love as much as I love Playstation…It is undeniable. It is much more than passion. It is life. It is my past, present, and future. I could not imagine where I would be if it had not been for gaming these two decades and Playstation was a large, contributing factor in that. Thanks to Playstation (with assistance from Nintendo), I have formed so many memories through merely gaming and sharing in the gaming community/industry.

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It was Christmas. My parents had brought me an N64, but because I had an NES plus an SNES, I asked them to exchange it for a Playstation. We really had no idea what this new console was really going to bring to our household. I was mostly interested in it because it used discs instead of cartridges. That was the big appeal to me…that was all it took to draw me in. Sure, I could play with three other people on the other console, but discs were sooo last year in sony_playstation_logomy elementary school mind. Plus, how many other kids were going to get PlayStation’s? I needed that geek cred when I returned to school after the holiday break. Crash Bandicoot was the first game that I ever played and I was blown away by it. My sister and I spent hours taking turns playing it. Another game I spent more time then I care to admit was Final Fantasy 8. I was floored that the game needed more than one disc to complete. This started an obsession with Final Fantasy and, eventually, JRPGs that hit me faster than I thought. Admittedly, Final Fantasy 7 has become my favorite of the franchise with all its spinoffs and movies.

When I got my Playstation 2, it was from a little store called EB Games at another Christmas in my life during highschool. My mother took me to the store and I was excited to get the starter kit for the console. It included the console, extra controller, a couple of games, a stand, and several other accessories. It also came in this box large enough to hold a slew of small children that was a highly noticable bright green color. Imagine the Christmas crowds at your local malls and shopping centers. Now imagine being a proud shopper who refuses to go to the car and insists on carrying around a box half your body weight. That was what I did.

The PS2 is my favorite console of all time. I am quite sure that nothing will uproot it. It does not matter how many fancy additions a console adds or whether I can watch TV, browse the web, or whatever else. I just love the PS2. I love what it meant to me. I love the games that I played on it. I love how heavily it pushed me into gaming when I was in highschool and early college. It was remarkable. My favorite game of all time was during the PS2 generation (Kingdom Hearts 2) and the game that I have sent the most hours playing ever was during this generation (Dance Dance Revolution. Yes, I had the plastic mat that slipped around and two of the games on PS2). I also clocked in a lot of time playing Guitar Hero, Final Fantasy X and X-2, Devil May Cry, and whatever game I could convince my parents to get me (they sure were picky about what I could and could not play). Unfortunately, my Playstation 2 met its untimely demise at the hand’s of my ex’s mother…or her foot rather. Every day I know I need to replace my PS2 and its gaming library.


Which brings me to the Playstation Portable. I suppose a consolation for my broken PS2, I was given the PSP as a gift from that ex. As much as I love my PSP, I want to replace this particular one with another one just to get rid of that memory. Even still, I love the PSP. I call mine a “Square Enix” machine because that is literally all I have played on it since owning it. Now, I know there are a ton other games that I want to get for it, mostly Japanese imports. I still play

The Day I Got My PSVita!

The Day I Got My PSVita!

my Playstation Portable although I also (obviously own a Playstation Vita). My favorite game for this is Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core. I loved this FF7 spinoff and it is one of my favorite games of all time.

The only thing I have ever brought on launch day, I am so satisfied with the PSVita as a portable. Often it gets a bad rap, but I am 100% in love with mine and have been since Day 1. It is a gorgeous piece of hardware, very impressive, and also quite innovation (in my personal, humble opinion). Currently, my favorite game that I have played on it is Uncharted Golden Abyss with an honorble mention going to Gravity Rush – both were titles I was really excited for. However, Tearaway comes out later this month which means I will be diving into that world headfirst.

Then, there is the Playstation 3. My beloved baby. I was a late adopter to the Playstation 3 due to bad judgement. I got its competition and played that for several years before, finally, getting a PS3. I have not looked back. I feel this console is so stunning. It is hard to see where the newest generation is going to take it althought Iwill surely not be disappointed. Having joined this generation way later then I have wished to, there are still many PS3 games that I have yet to play from the earlier years. My PS3 was another Christmas gift from my parents who have aided in my gaming obsession for longer then they probably thought they would. The Playstation 3 generation gave me my favorite video game character and one of the best franchises I could have dreamed of: Nathan Drake and Uncharted. It has also consistently gave me exlusive games that I could only get on it’s console that I deeply enjoyed such as LittleBigPlanet, Heavenly Sword, and, most recently, Ni No Kuni. There has to be a nod thrown at Last of Us and Beyond Two Souls thrown in here despite having yet to play them due to finances.

Now, here we are. Playsation 4.

I look forward to the memories that I am going to make with this console.

I look forward to continuing my relationship with Sony Playstation because it is one of the longest relationships I have had.


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