New Costume: Lady Thor from Marvel Comics

20131031_182814Whosoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor

So, I know this costume is far from pefect, but it was for Halloween! Thor is my favorite Marvel movie and I am excited for The Dark World (which releases today!) I decided to be the God of Thunder for Halloween the weekend before the holiday approached. It was a last minute decision while standing in Hot Topic and noticing this awesome helmet and Mjolnir were on sale. Could not pass that up! I whipped up a super quick cape out of fabric I had in my stash. Unfortunantely, I regressed back to my previous ways of half-assery and the cape is not up to the quality of craftsmanship that I like. Even still, it was just for Halloween so I quickly did in while also whipping up a skirt for my mother’s costume – which was made far better then this cape. There are no plans for this costume to ever see the light of day at a convention, but perhaps with a little revamping I can make it wearable enough for Sumer Fan Con in Sumter, South Carolina. 

It was fun running around as Thor. Kids were very excited to see a Thor, even if it was a “girl Thor.”

Be sure to check out this week’s Costume Porn which is all about the designer of the costumes for Thor: The Dark World.

kawaiithor 20131031_172317


One response to “New Costume: Lady Thor from Marvel Comics

  1. Tee-hee. I love the pic of Thor with a bow. And you’re costume is pretty bangin’ for something whipped up at the last minute. Excited to hear your thoughts on the new movie…

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