10 Cool Things About ‘Kill La Kill’

klk02Trigger’s 2013 Fall anime Kill La Kill is an acquired taste. Two former Gainax employees who worked on the amazing anime Gurren Lagann created something with a familiar vibe that it twists into its own. Reviewed on Nerdy But Flirty, this anime may not be for everyone, but there is one unmistakable thing that it has going for it: it is really cool. There is a lot going on in Kill La Kill which contributes to its over the top nature, dramatic fight scenes, and perverted humor. The lead character is named Ryoku Matoi. She is seeking out the murderer of her father. Her quest has brought her to an academy run by a vicious student council. Here are some of things I find cool about the anime.

Honnouji Academy – The vast setting for the anime encompasses the surrounding town which means the student council also runs the town as well! Students’ families are placed in housing based on their status at the school (which is as easy to lose as hard as it is to gain).


Half Scissors as a weapon – Ryoku wields a unique weapon. She seeks out the person with the other half because that is who murdered her father.

Aikuro Mikisugi – A super sexy homeroom teacher, he secretly aids Ryoku. He appears homely as a teacher since he slouches and wears glasses. In private, however, he is typically flexing his muscles and causing his pants to become undone.

Goku Uniforms – Worn by the student council, these special uniforms grant the wearer superhuman-like abilities. The more stars on the uniform, the higher the rank of the student. Those without stars are, unfortunately, ruled over in vicious ways. Even the faculty of the school is afraid! 


Fan service – Don’t like blatant fan service? This show is not for you. Kill La Kill seems big on showing off their character’s assets from the first episode. No one is safe as uniforms are ripped off (or barely there to begin with) and students are left nude, The show is full of perv characters whose nose bleed flow incessantly.

klk03Senketsu – With a name literally meaning “fresh blood”, Senketsu is Ryoku’s living school uniform. It needs blood to grant it’s wearer abilities that transcend those of the Goku uniforms. 

Student Clubs – It could not be a school anime without school clubs. Japanese clubs range from athletic to klk07academic. The clubs in Kill La Kill help run the school as the president of the club typically has a Goku uniform. Also, the powers granted to the wearer have to do with the club (i.e. tennis, boxing). It is cool to see how Ryoku adjusts herself to the situation depending on the club president she is facing.

The Mankanshoku family – Ryoku makes an unlikely friend in Mako Mankanshoku and finds herself living with Mako’s eccentric family in the slums. The family offers quite a bit of the comedy. The father is Barazo who runs a back alley clinic and the mother is Sukuyo, a voluptuous housewife. Mako’s younger brother Mataro is a delinquent and they have a dog, Guts.

Apocalyptic – …but in a different way. These days any show that happens in a post-apocalypse world is so overtly so with either zombies or some mass catastrophe that has destroyed everything. Kill La Kill does not focus on it’s apocalypse (at least not yet).

Magical Girl transformations…somewhat – Speaking of fan service, Ryoku and other characters have transformation sequences. This is a classic trope for “magical girl anime” such as Sailor Moon where the character changes into their “battle” clothes which are usually really cutesy outfits. Well…Kill La Kill seems to parody this by putting their heroine in an outfit more risque then a Sailor Scout would be caught in.


4 responses to “10 Cool Things About ‘Kill La Kill’

  1. Gotta check this one out. My boyfriend is a massive lover of Gurren Lagann so I’m sure he’ll be happy to put this our next-to-watch-session TV show (unless he’s already seen it, mind you!).

    Loving your blog, btw. You blog about a lot of stuff I really dig, so definitely following.

    • Thanks for following!
      Yes, if he loves Gurren Lagann he will love Kill La Kill. It’s kind of like if Gurren Lagann + Panty and Stocking had a baby haha. It’s way more over the top then Gurren though. Still awesome 🙂

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