Banzaicon ‘Report’ and Costume Progress

This past Saturday I dropped in to a convention in South Carolina called Banzaicon. I learned about the con earlier this year, but was unable to devote an entire day to going. Actually, it was a quick decision to even drop in as I was driving through Columbia to the State marching band competition about 26 miles west of the city. Although I just did not agree with the fact that Banzaicon and another convention, Cola-Con, chose the same weekend to host their events, I was surprised at the turn out for Banzaicon on the late, Saturday afternoon. After watching several Cosplay Music Videos (CMVs) it looked like the event was pretty legit.


I arrived around 5:30 PM. The Vic Mignogna signing seemed to be going on as there was a line throughout the convention space of excited attendees. Vic is an anime convention staple for a guest. He has voiced some of anime’s major stars like Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist and Dark in DN Angel. I thought it was cool that Banzaicon got him to come to little ‘ole South Carolina.

Held at the Marriott Columbia in downtown, the space seemed small which is typical for a convention in this space. You can walk the con space in mere minutes. There was a video game room, a dealer’s room, and what I assume were panel rooms although I did not see them. The giant blow up Kon and Mudkip were nice touches to the convention.

20131026_174500 20131026_173841 20131026_173819

Check out this awesome Banzaicon video by Two Frame Studios 

Speaking of conventions and costume, Halloween is tomorrow. Yikes! I am working on a skirt for my mother and also a Thor costume for myself. There will probably be a separate Thor post eventually.

IMG_20131029_205619 Screenshot_2013-10-29-23-41-21


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