Top 5 Scary Horror Movies

I would like to post a disclaimer right now.

If you have been following my Blogoween series then you absolutely know I am scared of nearly everything spooky or meant to be scary. So movies that scared the bejeezus out of me probably would not scare other people. I am not ashamed. However I do admit that looking back on some of the things that had me hiding behind my hands should probably shame me, but I refuse to re-watch them alone to find out if I’m brave enough!

movieSinister scared me to the point I was not even looking at the screen and jumped – literally. I watched the movie through various stages of hiding behind anything I could find in my vicinity. The fact that I absolutely love Ethan Hawke paired with the atmosphere of the movie did not help. Hawke is Ellison Oswalt. Ellison is a true crime writer who has uprooted his family and moved them into a house that was the scene of a gruesome crime. He does not let his family know of what happened in the house. Eventually, he discovers snuff films in the attic of the home. Watching these movies unleashes a demon named Bughuul. Sinister was particularly scary because of the disturbing images the snuff films showed plus the haunting of Bughuul.

1408 is one of those movies that, when I mention it, the majority of people did not find all that scary. Unfortunately for me, I movie05was not one of those people. The movie is scary in a weird way. The things that happen to the main character are just so uncomfortable and not things I would want to experience, especially since there is no logical explanation except for ghosts. Based on a Stephen King short story, the movie follows a writer by the name of Mike Enslin who decides to stay in a haunted hotel room after receiving an anonymous postcard saying not to enter the room. Mike is a skeptic therefore he does not believe anything will happen to him in the room. Boy, was he wrong.

movie02The Shining is yet another film adapted from a Stephen King story, which I also read in a popular fiction class in college. Both scared me. The movie actually has one of the scenes that has remained the scariest to me in all of horror movies: the twins at the end of the hallway. Even seeing this scene at the drive-in movie in Twister scared me. I am terrified of that scene. The movie is about Jack Torrence who gets a job at the Overlook Hotel as it’s caretaker during the winter. Jack is also a writer (which is ironic the majority of my list deals with writers. Perhaps I should change my profession?) and moves his family into the hotel in order to have the quiet to work on his novel. The hotel is, obviously, haunted and the strange occurances began to drive the Torrence family increasingly mad as they are all alone during a heavy snowfall.

I actually recently watched Candyman. As an adult, I can see why I never watched this movie as a child. I remember my movie03friends telling me in elementary school how much this movie scared them so I never tried to watch it. Having watched it now, I can say it is quite frightening. There is so much blood in this movie that it is downright disturbing at points. The realistic gang violence mixed with the supernatural made this movie seem so real compared to other horror films. Candyman is about Helen Lyle. She is researching urban legends. Her studies bring her to Chicago’s Cabrini-Green housing project where a recent unsolved murder is linked to Candyman. Candyman is a deformed, malicious killer who is summoned by calling his name five times in a mirror. Trust me, I will never say that in a mirror.

movie04Doll movies scare me the most so of course Dead Silence terrified me. I first watched it in college with roommates and friends…in the dark. We were all pretty afraid of this movie during our first viewing. The movie itself pretty much happens in a dark and gloomy setting. The sun really did not shine in this film. Dead Silence is actually from the creators of Saw and it follows James Ashen. After he finds his wife horribly disfigured (and very much dead) in their apartment, he sets out to uncover the connection between his wife’s death and the mysterious ventriloquist doll they received right before her death. He also has to clear his name from being a suspect in her murder. Everything leads to the tale of Mary Shaw, a woman accused of kidnapping a boy and being killed by the townspeople. “Beware the stare of Mary Shaw. She had no children only dolls. And if you see her in your dreams, do not ever, ever scream.”

So those are my Top 5 Scary Movies. What are some of yours? I can not say I will be brave enough to watch, but maybe in the daytime…under a blanket…with all the lights on.


2 responses to “Top 5 Scary Horror Movies

  1. I loooove Candyman. It’s such a weird, spooky movie. Apparently the director would hypnotize the actress for her scenes with Candyman, which is why she seems so ethereal.

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