Bump in the Night: Favorite Paranormal Shows

The rise of reality TV has offered and insight into a variety of subjects. From teenage moms to dueling survivalists to rich housewives, reality TV has taken audiences everywhere including haunted places that we may never step foot in ourselves out of fear. I am a big chicken when it comes to anything ghostly therefore I live through these paranormal investigators and those who have experienced it first hand. I would like all ghosts to stay away from me – please, but I like watching other people deal with nasty baddies from the after life. Here are some of my favorite Paranormal reality shows.

A Haunting originally aired on Discovery Channel, but has since found a home on Destination America. The show offers dramatic reenactments of residential hauntings. It actually had a presentation of the now infamous A Haunting in Connecticut. I like this show because the reenactments give me so much fear.



paranormal02Haunted Collector is a show on the SyFy channel…and I love it. It deals with something you rarely hear about when it comes to hauntings –  trigger objects. These are typically objects in a location that may be causing the haunting to happen. The team is led by John Zaffis, a demonologist. The rest of the team consists of mostly his family and paranormal investigators.

Celebrity Ghost Stories allows celebrities to tell their own stories of paranormal experiences alongside reenactments. It airs of The Biography Channel. Although I remain a firm believer that this show can not be entirely true (really, could all these celebrities have had paranormal experiences to fill the 5 seasons of the show?), it is still very interesting to watch celebrities tell these scary stories.


Paranormal Witness is another SyFy show and probably my favorite out of the bunch. It is a documentary type series that uses a lot of different techniques to tell the ghost stories. Real footage. Reenactments. First hand testimonies. The emotions that most of the people portray when telling their stories mixed with the dramatizations is what makes the show stand out.



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