Halloween Makeup Looks

Halloween is the one time of year where it is universally accepted to be out of the ordinary. As a cosplayer, I dress in costumes all year, but seeing the vast masses of Muggles clamor for costumes is such an exciting thing! Maybe they will better understand why a person would choose to wear costumes the majority of their time! One of my favorite parts about this time of the year is the amazing makeup looks that come out. Most of them rival things that you will see at a conventions. Makeup artists and makeup enthusiast put their all into creating amazing looks for this holiday. Countless video tutorials pop up on Youtube and amazing blog posts spring up across the internet.

Sugarpill Cosmetics always shares makeup looks that people create using their wonderful products. Sugarpill is an independent cruelty free makeup brand started by the wonderful Amy as a way to bring vibrant colors to the makeup industry. She definitely delivered! Sugarpill Cosmetics offers a range of highly pigmented and absolutely stunning colors. Their products are great to use for costumes or if you want to put a little color in your life! Sugarpill has been sharing a lot of awesome makeup looks by their fans on their instagram during the month of October. Here are a few of my favorites.


Using a variety of Sugarpill eyeshadows, Rottenzombiefairy made this stunning look


Chubearcosplay created this awesome Spiderman mask using Sugarpill and Inglot eyeshadows


This fierce Poison Ivy look was created by vegas_nay 


The beautiful pala_foxxia created this look using Sugarpill eyeshadows


Vanityvenom makes an amazing Sugar Skull!


FlorFXmakeup created this awesome Skeletor using Sugarpill’s Buttercupcake eyeshadow


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