Bioshock ‘Burial At Sea’ Art and NEW PLASMID

In case I have not expressed it enough, Bioshock Infinite is a clear cut winner for my 2013 Game of the Year. It has been a while since I have felt so invested in a game and it’s world. The already released DLC, Clash in the Clouds, was not particularly interesting. Hordes of enemies does not make a Bioshock game. It is the engaging and well thought out story line that puts this Irrational Games creation on top. That is why fans await the arrival of Burial At Sea, a two-part DLC that is story driven. Taking place in Rapture before it’s fall, the little that is known about Burial At Sea shows an older Elizabeth seeking Booker’s help to find a girl named Sally. It has also been noted that players will be able to play as Elizabeth at some point in the content.

This past week, Irrational Games was releasing concept art from the first part of the anticipated download on their twitter and – wow – it is beautiful. 

bioshock01 bioshock02 bioshock03 bioshock04

Not only did we get a glimpse at wonderful concept art last week, but we were also introduced to a brand new plasmid in this game. Harkening back to first game, vigors are now called plasmids. The newest one is called Old Man Winter and is an ice plasmid that can freeze enemies. It can also create platforms made of ice. A graphic designer by the name of Joe Trinder was actually the creator of Old Man Winter. He posted a propaganda poster of his idea for the plasmid on the 2K’s forums. It gained much praise from fans and even Bioshock’s creator Ken Levine. Irrational ended up buying the design so it could be used in their downloadable content. With no concrete release date besides the end of 2013, we are still waiting to get our hands on Old Man Winter ourselves, but IGN was lucky enough to create a first look at the plasmid and at Burial At Sea. I would suggest not watching the video (embedded below) if you want a completely spoiler free experience when the content finally drops by the end of the year.

bioshock05 bioshock06

Video and Old Man Winter images from


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