My Top 5 Horror Game Franchises

Ever since I watched my brother play Resident Evil 2 as a kid, I have been terrified. I am actually a huge chicken when it comes to anything horror related. That does not mean I do not completely appreciate horror video games. I like reading about them…sometimes I even like watching gameplay videos on Youtube. Actually playing them, however, will never ever happen.

That is probably why I appreciate the games so much. Anything that can just bring on a sense of terror by a trailer is enough for me. It would not be October without mentioning some horror video games.

horrorvg03CarnEvil – Apparently playing a horror game in a brightly lit arcade is A-OK with me. CarnEvil is an arcade game using a light gun. It released on Halloween in 1998 and was published by Midway. I used to spend time before watching a movie playing this game in the movie theater’s mini arcade. It was always a very interesting concept to me for a horror video game to take place at a haunted carnival. The villains in this game varied from evil clowns (of course) to demonic teddy bears to deformed babies.

Silent Hill – Probably one of the horror franchises I am most afraid of, Silent Hill has ten games and two horrorvg02movies. The series is set in a fictional American town called Silent Hill which is shrouded in fog, mystery, and horrific entities. SH’s brand of psychological terror and eerie environment has solidified the franchise in horror game history.

Dead Space – It was release weekend in 2011. Dead Space 2 had just dropped. I watched someone go through the game from behind their back, peering around their corner as they took Issac through the game. Suddenly, a Necromorph jumps out! And I…oh wow. I lose my sanity. Dead Space is phenomenal. It elicits such fear in me. The game itself is incredibly scary, but the animated features are even more terrifying to me.

horrorvg06Fatal Frame – Personally, there is nothing more scary then ghosts. Necromorphs, zombies, or any other creatures is just not as scary to me as the paranormal entities that are ghosts. Fatal Frame gave us a way to defeat them: photography. But that did not make it any easier to face what this game presented.

Left 4 Dead – The scariest part about L4D, when you get too far behind from your friends! Even scarier, playing alone! When you hear the cry of the Witch, the hair will raise on the back of your neck. When you accidentally set off that car alarm, better make sure you can survive the zombie onslaught.


Issac facing a Necromorph

horrorvg05The Survivors in Left 4 Dead 2


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