13 Days of Blogoween

Welcome witches, vampires, and all that goes bump in the night. For thirteen days, I will be bringing you Halloween related content every single day at 7 PM EST. All that is related to this most wicked holiday will be gracing the pages of this blog. Check out the full schedule for the content to come (and this post totally counts as the thirteenth day =P) Originally I was going to do a video every day, but I just could not think of thirteen videos! I am way better at coming up with writing then film ideas. That does not mean I will not make any videos during these days. Look for one popping up on my Youtube soon.

13 Day October 19th – Introduction

12 Day October 20th – My Top 5 Horror Video Games

11 Day October 21st – Halloween Makeup Looks

10 Day October 22nd – Horror Comic Review ’30 Days of Night’

9 Day October 23rd – Not-So-Scary Halloween Movies

8 Day October 24th – Horror Anime Review ‘Corpse Party’

7 Day October 25th – Bump in the Night: Favorite Paranormal Shows

6 Day October 26th – My Top 5 Horror Films

5 Day October 27th – Horror Comic Review ‘Locke and Key’

4 Day October 28th – Sex and the Apocalypse in Zombie Genre

3 Day October 29th –  Horror Anime Review ‘Another’

2 Day October 30th – What Scares Me!

1 Day October 31st – HAPPY HALLOWEEN 


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