Kill La Kill’s Nonon Jakuzure [costume plans]

To be quite honest with you, choosing a costume is not easy work. Not easy AT ALL. Perhaps some people are simply capable of doing whatever comes to creative little heads, but then there are people like me who must weigh pros/cons to a particular costume before deciding to take on the financial burden of creating it. Some say I change my mind a little too often, but what cosplayer DOESN’T? There are thousands of characters out there. Picking and sticking to just one is hard.

I am absolutely sure I want to cosplay Nonon from the anime Kill La Kill.

Not only was she sitting on a chair full of stuffed animals in the first episode, she is probably the cutest anime character I have ever seen.



Um, CUTE. Maybe it’s her pink hair? Maybe its my affinity for over-the-top hats? Maybe its dem boots!? I just love her. LOVE HER. Expect me to have this costume by the time 2014 gets in.



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