Verizon ‘Star Wars’ Halloween Commercial is the CUTEST

So, why haven’t I seen any geek blogs talk about this commercial!?


The other night I was watching TV and the cutest commercial I’ve seen all year came on. It’s a family trick-or-treating with each member dressed as Star Wars characters. Awesome! Not only is it a family, it is a family of color! It is not too often we see complete, black family units on television in a positive light. I feel like the days of the Huxtables, Jeffersons, and Evans type families have long been replaced by wives of former basketball players or hip hop moguls. This 30 second commercial – which I rewinded dozens of times when I first saw it – had be squealing with joy. It’s darn cute. Look at that Baby Leia strapped to her father.

Tick Tock. Tick Tock.

What’s that? Just ignore it. That biological clock does not know when to shut up.


10 responses to “Verizon ‘Star Wars’ Halloween Commercial is the CUTEST

  1. It’s ironic that you mention the “Evans” family. My daughter is the one dressed in the Death Star costume, and her last name is Evans, lol. We were proud to be a part of such a fun project. 😀

  2. I kept noticing this commercial myself, and yeah it is odd that withing seeming everything Star Wars related getting mass attention on geek sites this commercial has gone pretty much unnoticed. And it’s not like anyone hasn’t seen it, as it’s popped up on most websites that I frequent.

  3. I just don’t see the connection – between Star Wars, Halloween and Verizon. Seems exploitative at best. Who uses their cell phones to scope out the best Halloween candy houses? Wouldn’t people be more likely to just visit EVERY house on a block, and then just discard the candy they don’t like? It’s not like people have a limited amount of houses they can visit, so they have to pick and choose.
    And if the teenage daughter is embarrassed by her parents, why is she participating by wearing a Death Star costume? It doesn’t make much sense. I should point out I’m a Star Wars fan, and I see a lot of people who dress up for Comic-Cons, and this just doesn’t ring true.
    It seems like a case where the ad agency people just don’t understand what people do in the real world – like fast food commercials where people hold the burger at a strange angle so the camera can see it better. No father should dress his baby in a Slave Leia costume and strap her to his belly, where he can’t reach her. She looks very uncomfortable. And “We’ve GOT to avoid 32 Elm Street!” – what kid talks like this? Everybody sounds like they’re acting, which also makes this scenario hard to believe.

  4. John: You’er out of touch if you think kids don’t scope out the bad vs. the good during Halloween. My kids did it as did their friends & this was eights years ago.

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